4 Instances Never to do Without a Lawyer

Most of us are good at speaking our own minds, while a few of us are not. A lot of people aren’t good at figuring out the legal jargon in an agreement. Lawyers exist because of this reason. In our day to day lives, we come across certain instances where we simply cannot, and advisably should not, do without a qualified legal practitioner. There are many instances where people have gotten into much more trouble than they bargained for, simply because they did not think ahead to hire a family lawyer. Not all occasions, however, demand for a family lawyer. They certainly are not the cheapest out there, with hourly rates that may make your feet go cold. You cannot, in some instances, do without them and here are some instances. In these instances, regardless of what your budget may be, it is always best to go in with your family lawyer Canberra as a shield.


Divorces are sticky affairs by nature, especially if they involve children. Here, not only do you have to consider yourself, but also your children. There are many couples who have dragged each other through the mud simply because they could not decide who gets the villa in France and the house in Sydney. Their children too, invariably get dragged into the whole process, whether they like it or not. To keep a divorce as clean as possible, it is always best to use a family lawyer. They will ensure that all legal proceedings are done on your behalf with as less hassle as possible. Their hourly rates may be a little high, but at the end of the day, you are assured of an efficient and a clean divorce as a result. This is especially advantageous when dealing with child custody cases, where children too are dragged into the process. It is always best to hire the best lawyer out there, for the benefit of your kids.

Financial agreements

Many of us are in the habit of getting into various financial agreements without as much as a thought about consulting a lawyer. Most of the time, those of us who are smart enough to do so, do not understand half of the content of the agreement. Agreements are usually written in orthodox language that only lawyers are familiar with, and it takes a lawyer to know exactly how it is interpreted. Another party can easily fool you or take you for a ride, simply because you did not understand what was in the agreement. It is, therefore, always wise to consult a family lawyer before you agree to any kind of major financial agreements. This way, there is always someone with the knowhow to interpret them for you, so that you won’t get into any deals that you do not want to make.


Adoption is a sensitive issue to many parents, and children alike. Due to the high emotions attached to this kind of situation, sometimes, some people may forget to consult their lawyers. Well, the good news is that lawyers will make your adoption process considerably easier. In fact, some lawyers even have their own child adoption networks. Adopting a child involves a number of legal procedures. Failure to adhere to these procedures will not only get you on the wrong side of the law in future, but will also affect your child negatively. Hiring a suitable family lawyer is therefore something that you should never surpass on when adopting a child. You will be grateful for it when you do not have to go through a legal proceeding simply because you forgot to fill one adoption paper ten years ago.


Many of us may have already thought about what will happen to our plentiful possessions when we cross over to the brighter side. Well, if you have substantial assets and haven’t figured out what you want to do with them once you have passed away, they will be automatically transferred to the next of kin. Some of us may have written down our last wills in the old fashioned way, in a letter. The question is, however, whether such forms can be considered in a court of law. The most probable answer would be no. To be on the safe side, it is always best to get a lawyer to draft a final will for you. This is definitely one area where you simply should not go into without a proper family lawyer.

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