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4 Steps to Avoiding Pests At Home

Pests can live in your home without you ever being aware, but sometimes, pests can take over and that’s when homeowners have a real problem on their hands. Whilst it may be normal to find some mice living underneath your home or insects crawling around the garden, being unable to live comfortably because of a pest invasion can be dangerous to both your health and your home. We’ve listed some of the best ways to rid your house of pests and avoid a second visit.


Pest Control:

Although there are many ways in which homeowners can get rid of pests themselves, sometimes it’s essential to call in a professional. Certain pests, such as termites, are extremely difficult to remove on your own and should always be deal with by a trained professional, such as those from pest control Byron Bay, who can fumigate your home properly and give you valuable advice on keeping pests out in the future and repairing any damage caused to your home. Knowing the number for your local pest control company will make it much easier to get started if you discover any unwanted guests.

Get a Pet:

Depending on the type of pests that you’re trying to keep out, having a pet at home can be a great deterrent. For example, if mice and rats seem to enjoy coming back to your home even when you’ve laid traps, having a cat or two will certainly make it easier for you to achieve a pest-free home. Pets such as cats and dogs are often great for pest control, as they’ll also get rid of insects and spiders in your home, too. Most cats are naturally great at this, especially outdoor cats who’re more in tune with their wild instincts. Terrier dogs are the best for pest control, as they’re natural hunters!

Good Cleaning Habits:

It’s true that many pests don’t mind whether your home is a mess or pristinely clean. Your personal and home hygiene doesn’t often play a factor as to whether pests choose your home or not, however, good cleaning habits will make it much easier for you to spot any pests sooner. The more frequently you clean the entirety of your home, the more likely you’ll be to spot any pests sooner, allowing you to deal with removing them as quickly as possible and before any potential damage is done or worsened.

Avoid Attracting Pests:

The layout of your home and the items that you keep in it plays a large part in how attracted certain pests are to your home. For example, if you have a lot of plants indoors, this will attract pests such as flies and other insects inside your house. On the other hand, trash bins which are too close to the home could attract mice and rats, and homes with a majority wooden structure or a lot of wood inside or around the building are at a higher risk of termites. Understanding which pests your home is more likely to attract will help you to catch any potential invaders sooner.

Finding pests at home is not a nice experience! Thankfully, savvy homeowners know exactly what needs to be done to avoid these nasty unwanted guests.


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