5 Tips for Properly Taking Care of Your Ute

Owning a Ute is great. They are durable, can haul a load, and look cool. However, your Ute is not going to last as long as it should if you don’t take proper care of it. Maintenance is essential for all vehicles. It’s even more important for vehicles like Utes that often travel on rough roads and carry heavy loads. So, here are a number of useful tips that will make your Ute last:

1.     Change Oil on Time

Oil prevents the parts of the engine and tyres from wearing out rapidly. Therefore, it’s important to change oil on schedule. Yes, you are busy, but don’t make that an excuse for neglecting your Ute. Changing oil is also a good reason to take your vehicle to the repair shop and do some routine check-ups as well.

2.     Cover the Bed

The signature bed of the Ute should be protected against rust build up. The bed is the part of your vehicle most vulnerable to rust. Therefore, it’s best to keep the bed covered, unless there’s a specific reason you need to keep it open. Find a good lid or a canopy for the Ute bed. You can easily search for a canopy  online if you are strapped for cash.

3.     Rotate, Align, and Balance the Tyres

Changing oil is not the only important aspect of preventing wear and tear. You must also rotate the tyres every time you change oil to balance out the damage. Rotating tyres is a proven method for ensuring that your wheels don’t wear out early. Also, have the auto mechanic balance out the tyres. If you take your Ute off road, the tyres are very susceptible to uneven damage. While you are at it, make sure the tyres are also in alignment. Misaligned tyres fast-track wear, cause uneven damage, and increase your fuel mileage. Make sure you get these three things done when you take your Ute for a routine oil change.

4.     Change the Air Filter

Most of us drive our Utes in polluted cities and on dusty dirt roads. The dirt and debris in air can make the Ute’s engine ‘sick’, just like you and your lungs. The last thing you want is a clogged air filter. Particles in the air filter can take a terrible toll on the Ute’s engine. So, swap an old air filter for a new one every 20,000 miles at least.

5.     Professional Inspection Once in a While

You may love your Ute, but that doesn’t make you the most qualified person to inspect it. A proper auto mechanic should take a good look at it two to three times a year for possible problems. This is essential to detect trouble before it gets worse. A professional auto mechanic will also be able to provide you with useful advice for taking care of your vehicle.

If you love your Ute, carefully consider the above suggestions. Follow them to ensure that your vehicle functions at its best for a long time to come.

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Oliver Revilo