6 Reasons To Hire A Wills And Estates Lawyer Today

Too many people leave the writing of their will and provision of their estate until late in life, or wait until illness strikes and reminds them of their mortality. This is a dire but all too common error. Fortunately, there are specialist lawyers who can take you through the process, assisting you in planning your estate and ensuring that all of your financial needs will be covered when you die. Here are six reasons to contact a lawyer about your will and estate needs today.


  1. You never know what’s going to happen. This should go without saying, but it’s a fact that so many of us seem to neglect. It may seem a rather morbid topic that you’d rather avoid dwelling on, but disaster can strike at any time, and death doesn’t solely affect the elderly. Writing your will is an essential step to take very soon, particularly if you have any children or dependants. Lawyers in Melbourne or anywhere else in the country will be able to assist you in this regard.
  2. A lawyer will help you avoid unfair disputes. When a family member dies and the will is revealed, contests often occur. If a family member feels that they have been treated unfairly by your will, regardless of your wishes, they may have the chance to contest the will if there are any legal loopholes available for them to exploit. A lawyer will ensure that your will is legally sound, and that your wishes are carried out.
  3. We can ensure that the will is complete. When people attempt to write their will themselves, particularly if they are unwell or in a rush to get it done, they may leave out important points, or be unaware of the legal intricacies involved. A lawyer can ensure that every point is completely covered and assist you in making these important decisions before you sign.
  4. You’ll need to choose an appropriate executor. Naming an executor of your will may seem like a simple task. It should be someone you trust. However, things can get a little more complicated than that, and a lawyer is the right person to help you come to the right decision. Your executor will need to be someone outside of the family with a solid understanding of the legalities around your will, as well as being someone you know you can trust.
  5. Your lawyer can assist you in naming property inheritances in your will. Property can be a complicated aspect of the law, and without a lawyer you may not be aware of which properties can legally be inherited, and which will not be included in your will and estate. Your lawyer will go through all of your properties and discern which should be included, and where they should go.
  6. Your will must fit all of the legal guidelines. The law is complex, and even hours of careful research probably won’t leave you with much guidance on how to write your own will. In order to ensure that your will is legally sound and admissible, a lawyer should step in and check everything over. This will leave you comfortable in the certainty that everything you want is legally viable.

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