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6 Tips for Choosing a Painting Contractor in Adelaide

When you aim to choose a good and reliable painting contractor who will get the job done, you should know the right questions to ask. Too many homeowners in Adelaide hire professionals who let them down. You can avoid this situation if you consider the following aspects.


  1. Check history and references

Naturally, good painting contractors have a history of successful works completed and can provide references. Risks are great with someone who’s just entered the business; the same goes for professionals who aren’t being recommended by any previous clients.


  1. Ask your paint store for recommendations

Usually, Adelaide painters work with and are recommended by paint stores. It’s common for professional interior and exterior painters to partner up with suppliers, since it’s the easy way to get in contact with clients. You can head to the local store and talk to the staff; make sure to describe your project well.


  1. Accept only the qualified

In today’s economy, many advertise themselves as professionals and try to convince you that they have the skills. The safest option is to hire qualified painters. At first sight, painting seems like an easy job that anyone can do. If you want your home to have a good looking and lasting finish, you have to find a contractor with knowledge, responsibility and experience. Keep in mind that this isn’t only about the paint on your walls: it’s also about how your furniture will look like after the job, the carpets and floors, how much cleaning work you’ll need to do etc. Besides qualifications, you should also ask about insurance and licence.


  1. Evaluate customer service quality

Your initial talk with a contractor can reveal important details – especially how the task will be handled. If they don’t have the patience to discuss the project, understand all its details and what your expectations are, you will have to keep looking. On the other hand, transparent, honest and detailed communication is a sign of professionalism.


  1. Be specific about the work

Your own part is important here. Make sure you know exactly what needs to be done, otherwise you risk confusing the contractor and being disappointed with the result. A good job starts with you – therefore, have a clear image of what you want your home to be like and what this involves. If the walls require repairs, mention that too. Also, be specific about any colours or materials you may want, as well as the time frame for the job.


  1. Select your 3 top choices and ask them these questions

Compare and select only the three best contractors. Then, have a meeting or a call and ask them the following. How long will the surface preparation process take? Will they use caulking and if they do, then what type? How about the priming? How many coats of paint will be needed? What is the estimated cost and time frame for the job? You don’t necessarily need the fastest professional, but someone who takes their work seriously and can guarantee a flawless result.

When all your questions were answered to you, only then you will finally be prepared to review these top choices and make the final decision.

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