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A Basic Guide to Choosing Wall Tiles

If you’re about to tackle a big bathroom or kitchen renovation, one of the big questions you might be asking yourself is: what wall tiles should I be using? This is because both of these spaces require wall tiles, and many people are up in the air about having safe while wall tiles and going for something a bit more interesting, with interesting having the caveat of being unwanted in the future. To help those floundering around in the world of wall tiles, in this article we take a look at what you should be considering when you’re in the market for tiles to cover your walls.

What kinds of tiles are available?

Whether you opt aesthetics with minimalist tiles or decorative wall tiles, you should first have an understanding of what types of tiles are available on the market today. Glazed tiles are among the most common, often due to them also being the most affordable tile available. Glazed tiles are made out of a combination of clay mixed with a variety natural minerals, making them extremely durable and hardwearing, while the glaze itself makes them super easy to clean and maintain. Their simple design process also means they’re available in an impressive range of colours, designs, styles, shapes and sizes. If you’re after something a little bit different, glass or metal tiles might be more up your alley, but they are usually a more expensive option than glazed tiles. Metal tiles may take the form of iron, stainless steel, copper or brass and they boast a finish designed to show off their beautiful metallic properties. Glass tiles are available in both coloured and transparent forms, with the additional potential of some glass tiles offering unique textures that are created during the manufacturing process. As with glazed tiles, metal and glass tiles are also highly durable and easy to clean.

More wall tiles for you to consider

If you’re wanting something even more different, stone tiles – made from either granite, marble, slate or limestone – are another great choice due to the sheer variety of designs, styles and colours available, with the caveat being that they may often attract a higher price. If you’re more interested in style rather than the material itself, mosaic tiles might be the right option for you. Mosaic tiles are much smaller than regular tiles, so a wall requires far more of them to fill the same space as other tiles. With each small tile available in its own colour, there is huge space for creative outlays to be implemented to make beautiful, captivating designs and patterns. Even with their visual punchiness, mosaic tiles are quite affordable and still offer all of the protective advantages of other tiles. Finally, there are border and trim tiles to consider. These tiles are used to create a finishing effect, such as being used to separate and group sections of tiles together.

What tiles are right for you?

Choosing the right kind of tile can take a lot of consideration and research, and there’s always the important approach to your own style and needs in the kitchen or bathroom. Ruling out some of the materials is a good first step, and in doing this you can work out what you might your final design to be.

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