A few things that are illegal while driving in Australia

Most Australians take extra special care on the road to ensure that they don’t break any laws, but there are actually quite a few laws people are breaking constantly that they don’t know about! Although laws like driving through red lights and driving without a seatbelt are obvious no-nos, there are a few laws that police will enforce that will leave you scratching your head – in this article, we take a look at what they are to ensure you don’t get caught unexpectedly in the wrong.

Laws you should pay more attention to

People do all sorts of unsafe things on the road – there’s a good chance you’re likely to hear some crazy stories from around the internet as a start – but some of the things we do that seem harmless are in fact, illegal. Perhaps not as illegal as the things some motor vehicle accident lawyers in Melbourne deal with, but illegal all the same! A good example of this is throwing organic produce – such as apple cores and banana peels – out of the car window as you’re driving. Although you might just assume that it’s fine to get rid of because it is biodegradable (maybe you’re even doing the ground outside a favour?), in Queensland you can still get a large fine for littering by doing this. In Queensland you can also be fined for not winding up your car windows if you’re further than three metres away from your car (perhaps just keep your windows up in Queensland). It’s also illegal – and for good reason, many will believe – to splash people waiting for a bus in New South Wales, however you won’t get a fine for splashing anyone else!

More obscure traffic laws you might not know about

Although you might know that using the car’s horn incorrectly is a no-no, you might not realise that it can quickly encourage fines. And using the horn incorrectly isn’t just about liberally honking when you’re saying hello or goodbye to someone – despite it seeming like the perfect time to do so, it actually also includes beeping cars that cut you off in traffic. Although you might think there is some flexibility at play, having a child or pet on your lap while driving around is quite illegal. It doesn’t matter how big your pet is, they must be in an appropriate section of your car. Despite having less disastrous consequences, it’s also illegal to leave your cars in your ignition in New South Wales. It might seem harmless to run and grab some money from an ATM or ducking into the local pizza shop to collect your takeaway, but there is still room for something to go wrong.

Stay sensible on the road

There are actually a few more interesting road laws that we didn’t touch on – such as drivers always needing to give way to horses – but most of the ordinary rules of the road follow lines of common sense most of the time. With this in mind, staying aware of what you’re doing and avoiding anything that can cause issues for other drivers (such as throwing fruit out of your car window) can ensure that you’ll never be causing any issues.

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