A Guide to Share Trading Platforms

Active investors require access to only the most efficient and user-friendly online trading platforms. As should be expected, not all are created equally and some boast major advantages over their competitors. While well-known systems such as MetaTrader 4 have made headlines, there is much to be said in regards to the templates offered by companies such as CMC Markets. In order to make the best choices possible, it is prudent to examine a handful of the benefits that such systems should offer.

Adapting to Frequent Traders

Share trading is a very fluid environment and any platform needs to be able to cater to the needs of the active investor. Speed and accuracy both need to be taken into account. These should be paired alongside access to all of the latest news, real-time stock values, built-in technical analyses and the ability to customise a system to one’s needs. All of these features will inevitably lead to more informed executions and the ability to enjoy substantial profit margins.

Feature-Rich Advantages

Knowledge is power in the world of online trading. Any modern platform needs to embrace this mantra. Therefore, a number of tools should always be available at the click of a button. Some examples of what the best systems offer can include (but are not limited to):

  • Concise charting capabilities.
  • Moving averages.
  • Access to Bollinger bands.
  • Drawing tools.
  • Numerous chart options.
  • Appreciable leverages.

Automated trading, guaranteed stop losses and multiple account types are likewise hallmarks of a reputable platform.

The Mobile-Friendly Edge

A growing number of investors are now accessing their accounts via the use of a mobile phone. As the world of m-commerce continues to expand, this very same capability should be offered within any modern system. This enables traders to open and close positions even when they are away from their personal computer; keeping abreast of any sudden movements. However, mobile platforms should be just as intuitive as their static counterparts while offering the very same instruments listed in the previous category.

Low Entry-Level Trades and Minimal Fees

Another indicator of a worthwhile share trading platform is one which offers low commissions alongside agreeable minimum investment levels. Although supporting institutional positions is important, it should be highlighted that the bulk of volume within the online trading industry is derived from day traders. Catering to the individual is therefore critical. Another benefit of this approach is that the investor will not be required to risk exorbitant amounts of capital within any single position. Thus, more frequent profits can accrue while the chances of a loss will be substantially mitigated.

These are some of the most basic guidelines to consider for those who are looking for an intuitive and efficient share trading platform. As one’s profits or losses will be directly affected by the system that is chosen, these metrics should never be overlooked. CMC Markets is an excellent example of how such platforms can prove to be valuable assets for both novice and advanced traders.

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