Accessing Home Equity

Your home equity is defined as the difference in the value of your home and your outstanding mortgage. By setting up your home loan correctly you are able to take advantage of that equity for any one of a number of purposes :

  • home renovation;
  • education;
  • investment;
  • holidays;
  • cars etc.

You will never have to apply for another personal loan again – you equity acts as your private bank. Naturally restraint should be exercised. However as long as you act responsibly, a home equity loan is a great tool.

Here is how it works :

Home Value _____________ $500,000
Outstanding Mortgage______ $250,000
Available Equity__________  $250,000

You may wish to apply for a line of credit to 80% of the value of your property less outstanding mortgage

80 % of Home Value – Outstanding Mortgage = Line of Credit

$400,00 – $250,000 = $150,000

You are not obliged to draw out and use that money. However should you have an income shortfall, unforeseen expenses, out of work periods etc – you have access to funds that you can draw on to cover your mortgage and other essential expenses.

This makes an Equity Home Loan almost like an insurance policy that does not have to be used but is there in case you need it. The Webdeal Home Equity Loan is an Evergreen product. That means that you apply and qualify for it once and then have lifetime use of the loan.

You are able to draw and repay from you equity loan as often as you like. The flexibility of such a loan product is priceless. No more worries of whether you have sufficient income or employment stability for the loan you require. You act as your own bank. And what is best is that you pay a super low home loan interest rate on all the monies that you draw out.