Advice on how to pop the question to your partner

When you reach the time in your relationship that you want to get engaged or make a commitment to that person that you want to spend the rest of your lives together, it can be extremely overwhelming and cause a huge amount of stress.  There is so much pressure to get it right because, in theory, it is a moment that will never be repeated. It is literally a once in a lifetime moment to be frozen in each other’s minds and one that will not only be retold to friends and family following the announcement, but to one that will be retold to children and grandchildren to come. Have you ever wondered why and how other people make it seem so easy?  The truth is really that there is no such thing, it may seem that way, but it didn’t come with tonnes of stress and feeling of being overwhelmed.  If you are feeling like this responsibility is too big to stomach and do on your own, here are some tips that you can use to pop the question and, following a positive and elated response, pop the bubbly.

Making the decision

As soon as you have decided you want to ask your person to marry you, very soon you’re going to be looking for brilliant cut diamond engagement rings.  Because with the popping the question comes the engagement ring which a big deal is and takes a lot of thought and effort because it is something you will be keeping for the rest of your life and you want it to be the best.  In deciding which jeweller to use, look for places by doing an online search, or take time to read the reviews.  Ask friends who have recently been married or have had children who just got married for recommendations on which jeweller to use.  Once you’ve found the jeweller you want to use, the look you want to have and the price that you can feel comfortable paying, then don’t delay, get cracking on the purchase before you start running out of time.  Once you have it, it is one less thing to worry about.

Popping the question

Deciding on where and how to ask the question is a daunting task. Spend some time thinking about where your loved one likes to spend time, what makes her happy and who makes her happy. If she enjoys having her people around to celebrate life’s events, then consider inviting them for celebratory drinks after you’ve asked her to marry you and she’s said ‘yes’. Or, if she prefers being private, find a place that is removed from viewing eyes and where you can be alone, just the two of you. Doing an amazing race or leaving clues to follow is a fun and exciting way to show her how well you know her and delight in the lifestyle memories and things that bring her joy. But remember, you are not competing with your friends or family – you are doing something that is special and unique to your personality and that should be your only focus.





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