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How to Bring Nordic Design and Comfort into Your Home?

Nordic European furniture and home décor has so many benefits: it’s highly functional, minimalist, and comfortable and can help you beat the winter blues. Besides, it can be a budget-friendly solution for redecorating. Learn below how to bring this into your life in easy ways.


Scandinavian design: clean line and light tones

You don’t need a trained eye to tell the difference between Scandinavian design and other trends. Simply go for furniture and objects with clean, minimal lines, all in light tones (can be perfectly white). Such items are made to comfort your mind through their simplicity and to create more light into your home – even when it’s really dark outside.


Smart shopping

One of the best aspects about Nordic furniture is that you can simply order it on the Internet and have the package delivered to you so that you can assemble it yourself. If you’re not feeling confident, sure you’ll find some skilled friends to help you out. If you’re into designer pieces, then you have a plethora of options for Scandinavian furniture online for sale since it’s such a trend.


Wooden items

Try to replace at least a few key furniture pieces with wooden ones. Opt for real wood, perhaps with a rough aspect. Unpainted is ideal. This reflects a love of nature and of functional items versus more polished ones. Wooden surfaces will also give a warm feel to your home.


Use paint

Here’s a trick many home redecorators on a budget are frequently using. It’s easy to refresh any old furniture or items you no longer like. Apply a coat of paint, it’s that simple. Choose white or light gray – the two colors most frequently see in modern Scandinavian homes. Paint an old table white or old chairs, or perhaps an outdated drawer. It doesn’t matter if your furniture is vintage – in fact it’s all for the better.


Opt for small rugs

You might feel tempted to choose big, warm carpets, but it’s more charming if you opt for small rugs in key areas. Select fluffy ones or even faux fur, in the shape of animal skin.


Create functional nooks

Room corners can be transformed in highly functional areas if you install a few shelves or other wall-mounted elements, such as hooks, mirrors etc. You can thus create a small reading space or a mini dressing area.


White on white

We already mentioned that white is a must. Don’t be afraid to actually place white on white. There is no need to create contrast; Scandinavian design is not dramatic, but soothing. Besides this, white items will have a shadow, which serves just right. Thus, you may even have white furniture against white walls and it won’t look as if you can’t see it, if that’s what you were afraid of.


Organic tone accents

The emphasis on nature means that you’ll have to use natural, organic tones. Black goes here as well. You can also employ yellow tones, greens and browns, beige, cream and gray, as long as they’re not too bold.  You’ll find redecoration easy when you apply these tips. It’s so simple to refresh your living quarters by incorporating Nordic elements. Once you’ve understood what the concept is about, you’re able to make great choices and work with the new style seamlessly.

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