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What Can Your Australian Car Insurer Offer Beyond the Basic Policies?

Australian car insurers provide ways to extend the cover of a car insurance policy. These are in the form of a host of optional extras that can make a huge difference when in need of additional services. It’s important to know that not all these extras are cash-grabbing strategies; some of them can prove to be extremely useful.


Emergency roadside assistance

This extra enables you to call at any time to get help when stuck or facing issues on the roadside, so you’re not left stranded. They have mobile mechanics or a towing vehicle as needed. You can have this for a fraction of the normal price when paired with a comprehensive car insurance policy. Avoid stress and unnecessary loss of time, as well as hefty payments, whenever you run out of fuel or have a technical difficulty that makes it necessary for your vehicle to be towed. Specialized services can interfere even in simple and ridiculous situations, such as when you cannot find your car keys.


Battery testing is usually an additional service paired with these emergency roadside services. Roadside assistance actually includes faulty or flat battery situations, too. The testing will help you improve the way your battery or whole vehicle works.


Personal effects

This refers to an extended form of cover, becoming active when you store important items in your car and they get stolen or damaged. For example, you may have a laptop inside or a smartphone that you forgot behind and these are either stolen or damaged by extreme heat/fire. However, not any item can be covered, as there are certain limits to this.


Windscreen cover

It may seem like an unnecessary extra, but in fact it makes a lot of sense. This is because windscreens are so frequently chipped, scratched or cracked. Fixing them is an easy job, albeit very costly. That is mostly due to auto glass being a special product and calling for true specialist intervention. At times, your windscreen may even need replacing. Some drivers actually happen to face such issues quite often and therefore the cumulative costs become too much to handle. In consequence, they find excellent support with the windscreen cover extra policy. Consider this especially if you drive a lot and/or on high risk roads.


Pet cover

This is the extra that covers pet injuries occurring when you are driving or even when the car is parked. Protection is extended during theft or fire, events with the potential to injure or kill pets. The cover allows pets to be treated as passengers and the owner will even receive compensation in case of the pet’s death. Opt for this and you will no longer have to pay expensive vet bills. The insurance company will reimburse all such expenses. The coverage can be built into your comprehensive car insurance policy.


Discuss every need or concern with your insurer if you have already chosen one, or with several ones if you’re about to make a decision. In most cases, they will be able to offer you discounts for a ‘bundle’ policy, meaning an insurance containing extended coverage. In the end, extra cover can get to protect you from risks you are facing every day, not some very unlikely events.



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