How to choose a compensation lawyer

There are many scenarios in our life when we might need to use the services of a law professional.

How to choose a lawyer?

In order to ensure you get the right service for the amount your pay, you need to choose the right lawyer. Ask the following questions so you can be sure you choose the correct one suitable for your needs.

  • What law area do they specialise in? You must find one that is proficient in compensation law. Like doctors, lawyers also specialise in one particular area so its vital that you find someone who focusses on compensation law 100% and doesn’t deal with other sorts of practice. Compensation law is quite an expensive branch of law and needs extensive experience. Don’t trust any lawyer who agrees to take your case. Ask them for proof that they specialise in the area you are after.
  • Who will be handling my case and what are their qualifications? This is an extremely important question to ask. You could be dealing with sensitive and intimate information and you need to be able to trust the person on the other side enough to share it with them. You need to know everything about the person such as their name, the position they hold, their experience and if they hold the adequate accreditation to handle your case.
  • What is the percentage of winning? Another important question you have to ask as you are trusted sensitive information and spending quite a lot on the lawyer. If the lawyer is quite experienced and has handled similar cases in the past, he should know the success rate of your claim and when it will get processed.
  • How are fees charged? Most lawyers charge by the hour. Almost all cases relating to compensation require the lawyer to charge per hour. Although this is the norm, this method can cause conflict between the lawyer and the client. An hourly rate can make it hard for you to know exactly how much you will be paying as you have no idea of how long the discussions and meetings will take. You might take 15 hours or 100 hours. A better solution would be to agree to a fixed rate either per stage or at the end so you can pay in total.
  • Ask to explain the no win no fee agreement? This is another crucial topic to discuss on. Ask your lawyer to explain the terms stated in the cost agreement if there is a case where you don’t win your claim. Most compensation lawyers won’t charge you on a no win no fee basis. So you don’t have to pay if your claim is unsuccessful. Make sure this applies to the lawyer you choose as well to avoid sudden surprises later on.

Compensation lawyers Sydney helps everyday people to get back some form of compensation for things like:

  • Personal injury
  • Car accidents
  • Motor vehicle incidents
  • Workplace issues
  • Medical negligence claims
  • Class action disputes
  • Professional negligence issues
  • Superannuation and TPD claims

Follow the above tips and ask the questions mentioned above before you choose your compensation lawyer.

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