How to choose the right moving company

Relocating from one place to another has to be among the most stressful situations a person can face in his or her lifetime. It requires a lot of planning, patience and careful execution. Once you have made the big decision, you have to organise things like new accommodation, work and school and most importantly the right moving company.

Even though it might not seem important to think about the moving company, it can mean the difference between your goods arriving in one piece or in pieces. There are many different removalists available so it might be confusing for the first timer about how to start and where to begin. Ensure you do thorough research such as checking with neighbours and friends about companies they might know about or even cold call a few companies and get the basic details and facts done. It’s important to approach this process slowly and diligently so you can find the ideal removalists .

Follow these basic guidelines to ensure you make the right choice:

  1. Get Advice from familiar sources: Ask around and find out if your friends, family or co-workers have used any moving companies and if they were happy with the service. Contact the companies and ask them for a quote. Ensure they cover everything- that means the total cost for everything that you will be taking with you.
  2. Get the estimator to visit you: This is much better than doing it over the phone or filling a form on their website. This gives you a chance to meet the people from the company and them a chance to see everything you will be taking with you. You get a complete cost of exactly it will cost to make the move.
  3. Compare the estimates: You should have about 5 to 6 companies that you can compare. The prices should essentially be in the same range. Anything that is too low can be dodgy. It usually means they are trying to cover something up. If the price is over your budget, try to see what the extra charges for and always call and verify anything that is unclear. Don’t be afraid to negotiate as companies always put customer satisfaction as their topmost priority and will more than likely agree to reasonable requests.
  4. Making the Selection: Once you have gone over the details with a fine tooth comb, you are ready to make the decision. Check to see they have the necessary paperwork and license to do business  and pick the company. Contact them to finalise the dates of the move and delivery and sort out all other essential details like payment terms etc.

If you follow the above advice and tips carefully, you will definitely be able to choose a suitable removalist company wisely and get the service you pay for. Like all things in life, you must approach this carefully and slowly so you don’t fall into trouble by rushing.

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Oliver Revilo