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Design Tips For Your Dream Nursery

One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy and having a little newborn in your life is the chance to create a whole unique space for them in your home that represents the brand new life in your household. Whether you want to design a nursery that will easily transition into a toddler’s bedroom and beyond, or just create a tranquil room that’s perfect for relaxing with your little one during those late nights, your nursery design should reflect your family’s personality as well as the love you have for the newest member of your family. Use these tips to make the space extra-special.

Choose Cosy Features

In the early months of your baby’s life, the majority of the time spent in the nursery will involve soothing, rocking, and helping your baby get to sleep. These kinds of activities require a cosy, comforting space with a relaxed atmosphere. When it comes to the flooring, you can visit Fantastic Rugs with plenty of cheap rugs to find gorgeous nursery designs to warm up the space and add colour once the lights are on. Soft lighting, a small lamp by your seating area to relax in if you’re breastfeeding late at night, and soothing colours will all help create that perfect soothing ambience.

Personalise The Room

Many parents spend hours browsing Pinterest boards and design magazines and feel like they have to create a picture-perfect nursery space that looks polished and beautifully designed by a professional. In reality, your child will probably be more comfortable surrounded by design features and artwork that reminds them of the family they love and the personality of their household. If you love art, incorporate child-friendly art pieces, or paint a creative mural across the wall. Hanging family portraits and the smiling faces of siblings and parents around the cot area can also help your baby feel more secure.

Invest In Quality

When it comes to the main furnishings features of your baby’s nursery, it often pays off to focus on quality rather than searching for a bargain buy. A beautifully crafted high quality cot will last for years to come and can be used for other children in the future, while other cleverly made cots can transition into toddler beds as your child grows. Consider it an investment rather than an expense, and take your time finding a cot that looks gorgeous as well as offering a comfortable, and safe sleeping experience for your baby.

Remember Storage

It’s easy to get caught up in the design fun involved in making the room look pretty and neglect functionality altogether. Baby and toddler rooms always need plenty of storage, so remember to incorporate cute and practical storage solutions into the space. They’ll definitely come in handy for storing toys, books, blocks, and clothing over the years.

Stock Up In Advance

The perfect finishing touch to your nursery will be all of the essentials you need stored away before your baby makes his arrival. Once you’ve found your ideal changing table and dresser, fill them up with the baby’s washed and folded clothes and all of the nappies and wipe packets that were hopefully gifted to you at your baby shower. Having all those things to hand from the day your baby comes home will make those early days a whole lot easier.

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