Easy Ways To Make Your Office Safer

When considering workplace safety, we often think of labour sites where obvious dangers face employees on a daily basis. In reality, a fairly sedentary office job can also come with some safety hazards. You don’t have to be on a construction site to need safety measure in place to keep your workers secure. Whether you’re protecting your business from crime or protecting your staff members from accident or injury, there are many ways to create a secure and safe workplace for all of your employees.


Maintain a crime-free safety zone for your staff.

If your office is located in a fairly high-crime risk area or your parking lot is poorly lit and isolated in the evenings and early mornings, there are steps you should take to protect your staff from crime. For example, installing commercial security cameras sunshine can ensure that any unusual activity is caught on camera and can be reviewed by your security company immediately, and having patrolling guards on duty can help maintain the safety of your staff at all times, regardless of the time of day or location of your office.

Reduce the risk of falls.

Believe it or not, falls and trips are a common cause of workplace injury all around the world, even in seemingly safe and relaxed office environments. You can reduce the risk of falls happening and your own workplace getting involved in a lawsuit by clearing away any clutter from the floor, installing slip and skid resistant flooring, and making sure that any torn carpeting or uneven flooring is dealt with swiftly. All cables and wiring should also be stored safely so that any opportunity for a surprise fall is virtually impossible.

Keep stepladders handy.

If an office worker decides that they need to reach something high up and stands on their wheely office chair in an attempt to reach it, you could very easily have a big accident on your hands as well as an injured colleague. You can easily avoid this issue by having step ladders available in the office that can be borrowed by anyone at any time if they need to reach something that’s out of their way.

Increase adjustability.

Providing ergonomic solutions in the workplace is key to the health of your employees. You can make this easier by ensuring that the equipment in your office is easily adjustable. This applies to a wide range of equipment; including the desks, chairs, monitor stands, and keyboards. Opting for ergonomic office equipment may be more expensive than the standard basic options, but these items will help make sure your employees can work comfortably without injuring themselves in the process. In the short-term you may be making a larger investment in your office furnishings, but in the long-term you could be looking at lower absenteeism, lower medical costs, and a happier, healthier, and more motivated workforce.

Help workers understand ergonomics.

There are plenty of businesses who have invested heavily in good quality ergonomic office equipment, but are still left with injured or unsafe employees because their staff haven’t been properly trained in how to use the new equipment. Provide a training session so that every staff member knows how to adjust their equipment and chair to their own height, arm length, and hand positioning.

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