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Four ideas for internal features in your home

Anyone who owns a house is always looking to improve it. To find ways to add value to their property and to make their home more stylish, comfortable and liveable. And, they are always looking to do this as cost effectively as possible. The goal is obviously to create a quality finish but to do so at a bargain price. But how do you go about this? What can be done at home by you, the homeowner, without having to bring in an army or architects, designers, and builders? The truth is that there is plenty that can be done. And one of the simplest things you can do is to create feature elements within rooms. What are these feature elements? That is what we are here to tell you.


Why not start with a feature door? Every room has a door, they are standard things in every house. But they don’t need to be boring, one-size-fits-all solutions; each door in your house the same as the next one, all the doors in your house the same as those at your neighbours. You can opt for this route, those doors are certainly functional, but they won’t get people talking. Rather do some investigation and see if you can find a supplier of custom doors Melbourne is a creative city and should have something to offer. So too Sydney or Brisbane. And you don’t need to have a fancy feature door for every room or entrance. If you have too many they stop being features. Pick a door where it will work well and make an impression – the front door is always a good option or the master bedroom. Get it right and it is a real game changer.

Make a feature wall

Pick a wall that has good exposure and looks to turn it into a feature. This can be as simple as a coat of paint – you know the drill. In a house where all the walls in the lounge are painted while, pick one and paint it a bold colour. Depending on the situation of the room and the light, pick something vibrant and warm or cool and relaxed. You don’t want to do all the walls, that way it looks like a rainbow has exploded and you look more psychotic than stylish. Just pick one wall and go for it. It is the kind of thing that you can easily do by yourself on a weekend. Find the right paint, prepare the surface and a couple of coats later you will be sorted.


This is another very simple and easy way to add some style and class without too much effort. The days of boring, generic metal handles are a thing of the past. Brighten up your home with ceramic handles. And you can play around with them – they don’t all need to match. These handles have become quite popular and should be easy to find. They are stylish, and they can go everywhere – kitchen cupboards, bedroom units and anywhere else has a drawer or door.

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