Four simple ways to improve your marks

The quest to pass well is an ongoing one. Wherever people are studying, be it at school or at a tertiary level, as soon as there are exams and tests then there is going to be a desire to perform. The better the marks received the more benefits there are down the line – be it career options or the opportunity to study further. But quite how to improve marks is always a difficult question – especially when it comes to subjects where you are struggling. The reality is that sometimes it has to be more than just a simple case of study harder. So, what are the tricks or angles that can be employed to help improve marks? Here are a few tips and ideas.


Winning at school is so often about the relationships that you have with your teachers. If you like your teacher, and your teacher likes you, then it is much more likely that you will perform. Unfortunately, in a class environment, it is often impossible for the teacher to build that relationship with all their students and they tend to build the best relationships with the students who perform well. It means that those who are struggling often have the worst relationships with their teachers and as such, they fall even further behind. The key here is to seek help through extra lessons and to build a one-on-one relationship that works. A quick online search for something like ‘maths tutor Melbourne’ should be a simple way to find somebody close and appropriate. Build a relationship and watch how quickly your marks improve.


Group work is not always the way to go, and with some subjects, like mathematics, it can often be tricky. But this is not about working in groups, rather it is about identifying people of similar skills with whom you can discuss the learning material. Being able to bounce the workaround and talk to your peeps as equals is a great thing. If you feel too far behind them in terms of your grasp you will probably say nothing, while if you are too far ahead you will tend to view conversations as a joke. So, find the right group and push each other. You will all benefit.

Go backward

Sometimes, in order to go forward, first, you need to go back. Subjects like mathematics require good basic knowledge of principles and concepts. They are the foundations on which everything is built. And if the foundations are not good then whatever is built on top of them will be ropey. So, go back and relearn and focus on the basics. For some people, it might require going back a long way. But do yourself the service of travelling back to the last point where your grasp of the subject was good, and then build again.

Old papers

Once you have a good grasp of the education material it is time to start practicing. The old adage that practice makes perfect holds very true with learning and particularly when it comes to subjects like maths and science. So, find old exam papers or tests and make sure that you are completely familiar with the concepts and that you have practiced them properly and at length.



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