Four simple ways to make your office the best in the building

If you are not in an open place work space, your office is the place that you will occupy for the bulk of the time that you are at work. It is also the place that will send a message to the rest of the staff about who you are and how you do things. In short, it is a way to underscore your personality and to create a space within the workplace that is truly yours. So how do you go about fitting it out to send the right message? Here are a few simple ideas that you might want to try out to ensure that your office makes you the envy of the rest of the staff.

Stay up-to-date

It doesn’t really matter what type of industry you are in, there is always cachet in having new and cool things in your office. If you want to be a person who is full of ideas and invention, then you need to ensure that you bring this flavour to your office. Look to find cool items from magazines like popular mechanics that could be used in the work place. Or even visit the computer store and seek out new items like a 3D printer or a new-age desktop case. There are so many options. And you don’t need to turn your office into a showroom of novelty items, just have one or two comment worthy things and you are good.

Out with the old

In the paragraph above we spoke about what to have, it is also very important to know what not to have. There are plenty of items that are from the past and which you quite simply do not need. Make sure, for instance, that yours is not the office that is home to the fax machine. There may be the occasional person who wants to send a fax, but they are rare and getting rarer. A fax is about as useful as an abacus and you wouldn’t really want one of those in your office. Also, no dead plants, broken equipment or any detritus of times gone by.

Keep it clean

Without ending up in a situation where people are going to label you obsessive, just make sure that your office is clean and tidy. If you are going to entertain people there, they should, at the very least, be able to sit down on a chair without needing you to move clutter. They say that a messy desk is the sign of creativity, and that is great, but in between periods of creativity make sure that some tidying takes place – because they also say that a cluttered office is the sign of a cluttered mind. Make sure your space is not so dauntingly untidy that nobody else want to enter your domain.

What is on the walls?

Make sure that you have something cool and uniquely you to hang on the office walls. It might be art, it might be a special photograph or maybe it is the jersey of your favourite football team. Whatever it is, it should be a statement about who you are and where you have been or where you are going.


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