How to salvage broken iphone

Well, stop worrying. All’s not lost, yet. Depending on what kind of physical damage your device suffered, there are ways to fix, salvage and even repair broken iPhones. Read ahead to find out.

Help! I spilled liquid on my iPhone

Generally speaking, liquid and electronics don’t mix. Regardless, there are ways to rescue a waterlogged iPhone. First of all, you need to make sure the phone won’t suffer any irreversible damage caused by a short circuit. Turn off the phone, so the power supply is not going to cause trouble for the internal circuitry. You absolutely must resist the urge to turn on your iPhone to see if it still works. Just, don’t.

The next step is to dry the device, inside and out. Take out the battery immediately, and also the SIM card if you can. Remove all parts that you can and dry everything with a clean cloth or cotton pads. Unfortunately, wiping down is not enough to dry your phone. You need to get all the ports, sockets, nooks and crannies inside as well. The best way is to draw the water out using a desiccant, which is dry material that absorbs liquid. Ideally, you should cover all components of your iPhone with silica gel packets. Alternatively, you can submerge your phone in a bowl of uncooked rice. This method has gained popularity as a home remedy for waterlogged electronics. Make sure the rice is pre-washed and clean to avoid dust getting inside your iPhone adding to your troubles. Wait at least 48 hours for the phone to dry.

Once you are sure that the iPhone is completely dry, try switching it on. You shouldn’t have a problem with the software, but if you do, you’ll need to take it for repairs. Beware, however, that even if your iPhone turns on and seems to work fine as usual, you could encounter problems down the line. It’s much safer to get it checked even if you’ve managed to fix the water logging. It’s great if your phone turns on, but remember to back up every single file right away.

My iPhone screen is broken. What do I do?!

Accidents happen. Everyone has faced that terrible moment when a beloved device slips out of grasp and hits the concrete floor below, real hard. You are lucky if you get away with just a broken screen. Your phone might turn on, but you can do next to nothing with your touchscreen broken. Sadly, there are no DIY fixes for a broken iPhone screen. You can’t tape it or glue it back together. The only solution is to replace the screen. This won’t cost an arm and a leg, and it will certainly be much cheaper than buying a new iPhone. Go to a reputable repair shop, but never, ever buy second hand replacement parts. You might save some money now, but you’ll pay for it later with a substandard device.

Why won’t my iPhone turn on?

There are several reasons an iPhone won’t turn on. Once you’ve ruled out software problems and damage to the phone, there’s only one conclusion—the power/lock button is busted. Power buttons are unsurprisingly easy to wear out. They are also very easy to replace, and a good tech repair place will be able to do it in a manner of minutes. Technically speaking, you can replace the old power button with a new one on your own, but it requires significant delicacy, know-how and a lot of screwdrivers.

You can avoid many of the common lifestyle tragedies that befall iPhones by employing simple, but very helpful, tricks. Buy a waterproof phone case to protect your iPhone. Routinely backup data onto an external storage device or a cloud platform, so if something happens, you don’t have to hire an expert to recover data off your iPhone’s processor. Last but not least, handle your device with utmost care, so your hardware lasts longer.

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