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Moving into a new house can be an exciting yet exhausting process. There is so much you need to do in order to settle down and get back into everyday swing. Your new house needs to be cleaned from top to bottom and furnished. Every home needs furniture and accessories to brighten up the interiors of the house.

There are many accessories you can include in order to make your house look nice and bright. You can shop either in store or for rugs online. Either way choose some accessories that will enhance the look of your interior.


Rugs are an essential accessory for most rooms in the house as they not only add some texture and colour but also help to bring the room together. Adding a rug to your living, dining or sleeping areas can add a layer of warmth underfoot, align the room with the rug being the focal piece and keep everything else simple. You can find rugs in all different kinds of shapes and colours. Depending on the amount of foot traffic the area gets, you could choose a dark or light coloured rug.


Cushions might not be an important accessory on everyone’s list but are fun to add to your living room or even in the bedroom. You could use them to add some colour or texture in an otherwise boring and monotonous room. Cushions come in different shapes so it’s important to check you use the right size for each room.

Window decor:

Curtains are a multi-tasking accessory. They help to block our light, dust and give you a sense of privacy while also being a beautiful accessory. They can be found in various colours and materials so look out for fabrics like lace, silk, velvet and cotton. Every room should be decorated with a different type of curtain as not all curtains look good in all the rooms. Bathrooms and meals area could be covered with lace curtains or even opt for blind while bedrooms and living rooms could use with a bit more privacy so layer your lace curtains with another thicker one, preferably one with patterns or something in a bold colour.

Sofa covers:

sofa covers are another great accessory that is often not very popular. If you want a quick and easy way to update your current look, add some patterned or textured sofas covers which can easily cover small defects in your lounge furniture. For a quick DIY, you could even get some patterned throws and cover your sofas or lounges with that and tuck the ends into the sofa to keep it in place. Add some cushions and you have got yourself a new look in under 10 minutes.

Flowers/Indoor plants:

A great way to bring the nature indoors while brightening up your interiors. You could choose to add natural or artificial flowers but don’t overdo it and add a vase or pot in every corner of your house. Add them sparingly but choose blooms that would make the most impact.


By incorporating the above décor around your property, you will be sure to change the look and feel of the house.

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