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Improve your garden without gardening

If you are looking to do as much as possible with your garden, without actually doing much gardening, then it will fall to you to bring in interesting features and furniture in order to do it. The reality is that there are a lot of components to a garden aside from plants, and if the power of these furniture items is properly harnessed then quite amazing things can be achieved. But what are these items, where can they be found and how do you take them from the ordinary to the extraordinary? Here are a few tips to help you on your way.


The fixtures

Certain parts of a garden are very fixed, and they cannot be changed. We are talking about permanent structures like walls and fences and gates. But just because they are permanent structures it doesn’t mean that they cannot be utilized effectively. Think of things like external feature walls, a fence with a pattern or perhaps custom made gates Brisbane, Sydney or Perth all have companies that could make these for you. The point here is to turn the somewhat mundane into a feature, something that gets visitors talking and something that will play to the strengths of the plants and the surrounding landscape.



A garden needs rocks! Not too many and we are not talking about creating a rockery even (although that is always a great idea), just simply one or two strategically placed rocks or boulders. The bigger the better really. A rock is a statement. It sits at the head of a flower bed or it lends presence to an area of beauty. It is a great way to play up the subtleties of plant life. It also requires no maintenance at all.



While you don’t necessarily need a full set of outdoor furniture for your garden, a bench or a quiet place to sit can be great. On a warm summer evening, there is something quite special about sitting outdoors with a loved one, on a bench in the garden, sipping a gin and tonic or a glass of wine. A strategically placed bench is a great way to highlight certain features of the garden and a fantastic way to get you out of the house and into the garden – after all if you have a nice yard you really should be using it.


Items that attract nature

A happy and healthy garden should have animals in it and another item that can aid this is the addition of things like birdbaths, bird feeders or even fish ponds. Owl boxes or bat houses are also good ideas. In short, you should be looking to draw wildlife into your garden and if you are able to put items in your yard that enhance it visually and aid nature at the same time, then you are really winning. Picture the scene… you are sitting on your garden bench drink that cool beverage in the late afternoon, but while you are doing it you are watching the birds feed and play in front of you. It is idyllic, and it is in your garden!


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