What to Include for a Perfect Trip in Ubud, Bali?

Ubud village in the center of the Bali Island is a place where tradition, culture and serenity mix together in a seamless way, to the delight of visitors. There are good restaurants and cafes, along with shops with artisan works. Moreover, Ubud has prices for every budget, which makes it a popular travel destination. You may want to give it more than one day, since it’s got so much to offer. Here are some of the places and activities you should include in your stay, to make it memorable.


Include the Goa Gajah Temple in your itinerary

The sculpted entrance to the cave temple dates from the 9th century. It will take you to an ancient world, where drama, dancing and various rituals (still practiced today) were the way to connect with the unseen. To reach Goa Gajah, you must go east, then northwest of Ubud.


Get private villa accommodation

Without a doubt, staying in a recently built private villa in Ubud is the best way to enjoy your holiday. This is because Ubud villas are equipped with everything tourists need, have clean pools and are surrounded by lush greenery. Moreover, these are situated in picturesque locations and many have a view to the ocean. If you consider self catering to be the option for you, then book a villa – choose whichever size is best to accommodate your party. Should your budget allow it, you can always hire a local cook to make delicious meals.


Book a Tanah Lot Tour

The Tanah Lot is simply spectacular – it’s like a miniature island with stairs leading to a sacred sea temple and a patch of greenery. The spot is hard to describe in words. Watching the sunset here could definitely be the highlight of one’s trip. Usually, the waves come crashing into the rocks, which makes it all the more exciting. The little rocky island is like a jewel. Tours regularly begin at hotels in the morning.


Visit rice terraces and fields

You shouldn’t leave Ubud without having seen anything about rice cultivation. Book an Ubud Kajeng rice field walk for a low price, it can be done online, too. You can also have lunch in the area, which is very quiet compared to the usual touristic spots in the village. The Campuhan Ridge walk can be just as rewarding for the mind, body and spirit. Tourists have given high ratings to rice field trekking in this area. The Tegalalang Rice Terrace is yet another favorite of visitors.


Be pampered in a traditional spa

Treating yourself to a spa session in an exotic location may be a classic option, but going to an Ubud traditional one is an even better experience. These facilities are clean and well equipped and the staff caters to guests like they are royalty. You can book a professional massage and even buy some of the spa products, to offer as gifts. If you want a perfectly local treatment, go for the “rice farmer massage”.

Ubud is rich in amazing lifestyle experiences and most of these may not be found in your usual touristic guide. Plan your stay accordingly – spend two or more days in the village, to soak in its charm and discover its gems one by one.

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