Key things to check for when buying a house

Buying a house is a wonderful thing. It is not just acquiring an asset you are also buying security and memories. A place where you will raise children, entertain and get old. A house is a lot of hard work though and there is always maintenance and upkeep that needs to happen. So, when buying a house, it is imperative that you don’t get carried away with romantic notions and idealism. You need to make sure that the place is strong and robust and not about to fall down. You want to have weekends and evening available for fun and memory making, if certain basics are not in the order you are buying a lifetime of sweat and toil that are best avoided. So, what it is that you need to look out for? Here are a few tips.

Toxic materials

If you are buying an older property, something that might bring with it a lot of character, but which was built a long time ago, then you need to be on the alert for the presence of hazardous material. Lead in the pipes or asbestos in the roof were once common. Long-term exposure to both has been shown to be dangerous and the cost of asbestos clearance can add handsomely to the costs involved in renovating. It is also something that you don’t want to be doing yourself. It is dangerous and is something that is best left to the experts.


They are very small, and it is often hard to notice them, but insects can wreak havoc with a house. Termites and borer beetles can destroy roofs and floors and furniture and foundations. In short, if there is wood in the house they can get in and do damage. And while they can be quite easily dealt with, if their presence has been left to go unchecked for a sustained period the damage cannot be sorted out without replacing the affected wood. So, in looking to purchase a property, don’t just look for signs of insects – the fumigators may have visited recently – look at the actual beams and wooden components of the house to see if there is any evidence of damage.


It might be the big giver of life, but it is also a big problem in a house if there are leaks. The problems that are causes are damp and rot and mould. None of these are pleasant and they are also not easy to sort out. Make sure that the walls are properly damp-proofed, that the roof doesn’t leak and look out for signs of damp in the rooms adjacent to the bathrooms, which is where internal leaks are most likely to happen.


Don’t for a minute assume that security is easy to install. It is very expensive. Alarm systems, burglar bars, fences, and security lighting are all big deterrents to stopping crime and they are things that can be installed by you, as the homeowner. But, the components can be expensive. You are best off making sure that the security levels are appropriate before you move in, rather than first putting all your valuables into the property and then only dealing with security concerns.





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