Measures To Ensure Safety and Security at the Workplace in Melbourne

Many individuals take safety precautions at home very seriously and often spend considerable time and money ensuring that their home has all necessary security features. Given the current unreliable conditions and constant threat from miscreants, the fears are justified too. In fact, securing the house is money well spent, especially since it’s for the safety of oneself and one’s dear ones.

However, while security at the home front is always up to the standard, security at the workplace is often found to be lacking. This is especially true for offices and organizations which might not have many materialistic possessions to be worried about. But safety is a concern that cannot be taken lightly, irrespective of it being a small office space or a large factory. Companies and business owners can choose the best from a number of security companies Melbourne for installing safety and security measures to safeguard their premises.

There are a few factors that can be kept in mind by owners of the company to help them decide how safe their work is and what steps they need to take to ensure that the premise of their work place is safe.

  • Firstly, company owners must determine how likely their place is a potential target for theft and for breach of safety.
  • Secondly, they must evaluate the present attitude of the owners and the staff towards security.
  • Is there any person or a team that is responsible to ensure that a security program is in place?
  • What are the present security programs and policies that have been enforced?
  • Is there a plan in place to handle emergency situations such as say a fire, or natural calamity or power failure or a disaster situation and if yes what is it?
  • Are there any security and safety resources available within a close proximity?
  • What is the approximate response time for services such as the ambulance, police and firefighters?
  • Are there any physical features installed to have a security program in place?
  • How competent are the present security and safety features as well as the current policies to face a potential threatening situation?

Once these questions are considered, it can give an idea as to what extent is the workplace presently safe and secure and what further steps can be taken to put into place a security program and a policy regarding the same. This planning and installation of security features can be done in consultation with security companies who have the expertise, experience and resources to help with the security program at the workplace.

Measures to make the workplace secure

  • Install physical safety features

This includes installation of CCTVs at vantage positions, such as entry and exit points, the main work area, in case of a factory, the shop floor and similar locations from where a view of most of the place is visible and where any suspicious activity or entry of suspicious person can be easily viewed.

Other physical security features include access systems which work on key cards, monitoring systems, control badges, intercoms and similar tools to ensure safety.

  • Have a safety policy and a team to implement it

Draw up a security policy keeping in mind the safety of the place as well as that of the employees. This policy must consider all emergency situations too and a team can be chosen to ensure that the policy is in place and being implemented.

These basic guidelines will help maintain safety at the workplace.

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