Passive Income Strategies in 2016

In times that are partially defined by increasing everyday costs and a limited amount of job opportunities in certain markets, many innovative individuals are now searching for ways to enjoy a passive income during 2016 and well into the future. Many novel and lucrative methods can be employed and while there are no absolute certainties in life, there are nonetheless a number of turnkey solutions which can suit even the tightest of budgets. Let us now take a look at some strategies recommended by the top experts.

The Fluid Forex Markets

The forex trading market is the most liquid and profitable financial sector in the world today. Currencies trade 24 hours a day and thus, there is rarely an index that is not open. The primary benefit in regards to such access is that you will be able to place a trade during hours that would be considered closed to platforms such as commodities and standard stocks. Success nonetheless depends upon the system that is employed. This is the primary reason why both astute and novice traders are utilising the proprietary platforms provided by CMC Markets.


Embrace the Spendthrift Approach

One of the reasons that many would-be successful investors lose money is that they fail to leverage the appropriate amount of income into an open trading position. As opposed to delving into a current savings account, it is much wiser to instead cut back on what could otherwise be termed superfluous expenses. Examples here can be the habit of eating out at fancy restaurants or always reaching the limit on a monthly credit card balance. By curtailing such expenses, any additional funds can be placed into a lucrative trading strategy.


Index-Based Funds

We should stress here that generating passive and reliable income has less to do with taking risks and more to do with investing wisely. Index-based trades are another excellent choice within this methodology. As opposed to following the value of a discrete stock or currency pair, investors will instead embrace the underlying value of a specific index. Fewer management costs and tax-efficient turnover rates allow this strategy to be particularly beneficial to those who may already be on a relatively fixed income.


Patience is a Virtue

By their very definition, passive income strategies are based off of long-term gains as opposed to short-term profits. Therefore, set all goals realistically. Nothing ever moves forward in a straight line and temporary losses will inevitably occur from time to time. As opposed to trying to interpret fluctuations within the daily market, focus upon weekly, monthly and quarterly benchmarks. This will help to reduce the stress associated with trading and provide you with the “big picture” that is so very vital to make the appropriate decisions at the right times.


Watch for Interest Rates

2016 has already proven to be a red-letter year in terms of predicted interest rates. It is therefore critical to keep abreast of the latest news put forth by such institutions as the Bank of England and the United States Federal Reserve. These rates will affect all markets and thus, being prepared for any movements can help you to turn a profit.


These are some of the most prudent passive income strategies for 2016 and beyond.

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