Quirky Ways To Market Your Business

Many small businesses start up with the same tried-and-tested set of marketing strategies. That’s understandable – you want to stick with an idea that you feel confident in, and you know that particular strategies tend to have good results. However, when it comes to getting potential customers or clients to notice your new business, it can make a major difference when you utilise fun and creative ways to get that much-needed attention. Try some of these fun ways to make sure your local area is aware of your business – you may be surprised to find out how low-cost and easy they are to utilise.

Mix up your signage.

While billboards and banners may be a traditional and effective way to draw attention to your brand, there are other interesting ways to get your business’s name out there. For example, using car magnets melbourne allows you to advertise your business from the side of your car at an incredibly low cost. This way, everywhere you drive people will see your business name, get a sense of what you do from your magnet’s messaging, and hopefully remember what services you offer. Best of all, this non-permanent signage solution means you can change up the magnets to let people know about various specials or services without any hassle.

Go further than the business cards.

Handing out business cards around your local area and particularly to other businesses or individuals in your area who work in your industry is a must-do when you’re getting started, but adding a little extra special freebie along with your business cards can help make sure your introduction stands out from a sea of other new businesses and cards. Alongside your business card, offer your new connections special rates or deals that would suit their services, or throw in some free merchandise with your business branding.

Offer speaking services.

As a business owner or someone with an area of expertise, you likely have something to offer in terms of sharing your knowledge with your local community. Get in touch with social clubs, libraries, and other community hubs where speaker events are often held and offer your services as a speaker or course leader. This gives you the opportunity to network with more people, put yourself directly in front of a group of potential clients, get your business noticed in an organic way as you’ll naturally discuss it as as you talk, and help others learn from your experiences.

Create awesome content.

Once you’ve built a website and social media channels for your new business, you can start marketing in a fun way by producing exciting, fresh, and engaging content that’ll grab your audience’s attention and hopefully be shared amongst their friends and family members. Consider creating interesting infographics that are relevant to your industry, writing blog articles that help your readers or invite them into the story behind your business, and generally generating content that’s shareable and fresh.

Start a competition.

Everyone loves to win free stuff, right? A great way to draw attention to your new business is to get a contest started that offers a prize that’s desirable but still within your budget range. Make sure entrants have to engage with your business’s content to win, and watch how your page likes grow in record time.

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