Simple tricks to making your office a more creative space

Creativity is something that is inside of all of us. Some people might be able to tap into it more readily than others, but give the night nurturing, encouragement and environment anyone can be creative. If you run a business, then creativity is something that you should be striving to bring out in all of your people. Creativity manifests in many ways including initiative, fun, great ideas and entrepreneurship, and no matter what type of role people are employed in, these are skills that any employer should be looking to maximise. So, to help you with the process, here are a few idea and tips to help you to bring out the best in eth people whose salaries you pay.

Clean and clutterless

A cluttered and unkempt environment is not the place to foster creativity. Studies have shown that clean surfaces, tidy work areas and open spaces are the types of environment that are best suited to creativity and the birth of ideas. So, if you find that your work space is not this perhaps you should look into hiring somebody who can keep things the way they should be. It might not be that you need a permanent cleaner, but an internet search for something like ‘office cleaning Brendale’ should provide you with the detail of people who offer these types of services in your area. There will be a nominal cost, but the value it brings will be enormous.

No such thing as a bad idea

Encourage your people to speak their minds and to have ideas. Not every idea is going to be successful, or even practical, but as the leader of the business team you should always listen to the idea and entertain it. If staff feel like their ideas are always shot down too quickly then it won’t be long before they stop proffering them. Many of the best and most original ideas come from left-field and might look crazy at first glance, but if you want to be fresh and at the leading edge in your industry then you are going to have to be open to all new ideas that come your way.

Not about you

The more responsibility you give your people, the better they will respond. If you treat your staff like children, then they will very quickly start to behave like kids. But if you empower them and encourage them to lead then that is what will happen as well. In short, if your staff feel like they can make a difference and that their ideas will get them places, then they will be happy to share them. So, get them to buy in, incentivise them to go the extra mile and let them bask in the rewards of their success. Yes, you employ them and pay their salaries, but when the time comes for awards and accolades, don’t be the one stepping into the limelight, they will resent that. Leave it to the staff to bask in the glory, it will reflect well on you as the business owner, regardless.


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