Simple Ways To Save Money As A Student

University should be one of the most exciting, fulfilling, and fun periods of your life. The last thing you want to do while you’re living it up at university is to stress about money. While it can be tough to get by on a student budget while you’re studying, there are ways to make the process easier and help you save your much-needed cash.

Shop carefully

There will be certain necessities you need to buy for your course and for university living in general, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay big bucks for every one of these purchases. Shop around to find the best prices and seek out less expensive alternatives wherever possible. For example, buying textbooks for your course can be a massive expense, but some websites allow you to rent uni books at a much lower cost so you can get all of the information you need to succeed without blowing your entire budget on a massive textbook.

Make shopping lists

It may sound silly, but this is great advice for any stage of life. When you go to the supermarket with an empty stomach and no clue what you need for the week, you’re bound to end up making a ton of impulse purchases and buying items that don’t add up to proper, low-cost meals. Plan ahead for the week so you know what items you need in the house, and then make a thorough shopping list to check through while you shop. You’ll save money and feel like a super-organised adulting expert while you’re at it.

Limit the nights out

As any student can tell you, going out on the town too often or hitting the local bar every evening will quickly drain your bank account. Nobody’s expecting you to do away with those famous university nights out altogether, but try to limit them to a certain number per month so you’re protected from spending all of your grocery money on cocktails and taxis fares.

Look around for student discounts

There are plenty of shops and websites around that offer pretty impressive discounts for students. Keep an eye out for those offers and make sure you have your student card on you at all times just in case you get an opportunity to bag a big discount on a new outfit or travel tickets.

Avoid eating out

Going out to dinner at a restaurant may be a nice treat, but it’s also an easy way to spend your entire term’s money before you’re halfway through. Plan dinner parties with your friends so you can have all the fun of getting together and celebrating without paying those steep restaurant prices.

Save on accommodation

If money is a big concern during your university days, look for ways to save on one of the biggest potential expenses – your accommodation. Staying at home may be an option that could save you a huge amount, but if you’re planning to move away then you’ll need to look for other cheap living arrangements. House shares are usually the simplest and most inexpensive setups for students – just make sure you find roommates who you can trust to pay the rent on time and who you know you’ll get on well with.

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