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Smart Ways To Save Water At Your Business

Every smart business owner today knows that keeping your company running in an eco-friendly fashion is key to your future success. Even if water shortage isn’t a frequent concern in your region, it could very well be in the future; so having a water-saving strategy already in place at your business could save you plenty of time and money. Use these tips to make sure you’re ready to keep your business alive no matter what difficulties the environment throws your way.

Develop a water storage system.

If you can find a way to use harvested rainwater instead of fresh water in your business, you’ll be on a great path to saving tons of water in the long-term. The easiest way to do this is through an underground tanks They’re fairly simple to install when you use the right company, and will help you collect rainwater to use across your building, contributing in a positive way to the environment and cutting down on your business’s water bills.

Treat your grass wisely.

If your business has an outdoor area or landscape to care for, you may be wasting a massive amount of water every year. Choose plants that don’t need a great deal of water and cope well in droughts, and use your rain harvesting tank to provide water for the grass. You can also apply mulch to the land to make sure that enough moisture is retained regardless of rainfall.

Get your staff on board.

Saving water involves the whole company, not just the boss. Make sure all of your employees are aware of your water-saving targets and understand exactly what their role is in the process. Put signs up around the building explaining how water can be saved on a daily basis, and run an education session to ensure that your employees are fully informed. If the staff members understand the drive behind your goals, they will be more conscientious about their personal water usage.

Ask for an audit.

A professional water audit can help you understand exactly how much water your business is getting through, and will advise you on simple but effective ways to cut down. Commercial water auditors will come into your business and conduct a thorough inspection. They’ll also identify any leaks that could be wasting water, as well as identifying areas where you could be saving money.

Make changes in your bathrooms.

The equipment you install in your business’s bathrooms could help a great deal in saving water. Flow restrictors can be installed on taps to reduce the amount of water coming out at one time. You can also use mixer or lever taps that are able to change temperature quickly, so employees and customers don’t wait around for the water to heat up or cool down. Dual-flush toilets can be useful for reducing water usage, and water-efficient showerheads can be installed to cut down on shower water.

Check for leaks.

Leaks can be tough to spot – they don’t always cause an obvious visible disaster and can waste thousands of litres of water without you realising it. Have leak detectors come into your business regularly to keep an eye on your plumbing, and make repairs as soon as possible if a problem is detected.

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