How to Take Care of Ageing Parents

One day they are helping us walk, and before we know we are helping them walk in their old age. Time flies. As an adult, almost everyone have to deal with parents who are no longer young and strong as they used to be. Most parents who have had permanent jobs and have saved for retirement can take care of themselves, but only up to a certain age. As people age past 65, most will need special care. If you parents are ageing, and possibly suffering from an age related disease, here are several tips on how to take good care of them:

Ask Parents What they Want

If your parents are not suffering from a debilitating age-related mental illness like dementia, you should first ask them how they want to spend their last years. Most prefer to retire quietly with their families, and some prefer to go on vacations to exotic places. However, if the parents are disabled in any way, care will have to be arranged permanently. Ask your parents if they would prefer to go into a local elderly care facility, like aged care homes Kew, where there will be staff all the time to take care of them. Most do not find this situation ideal. But it will be necessary to balance your needs with theirs when you have a day job and can’t be home all the time. It’s important to have parental input because you want them to choose a pleasant option to spend their final years.

Discuss the Situation with Your Siblings

If you have siblings, discuss parental care with them. Siblings may be able to split finances and duties for taking care of parents. If you have a sibling or an in-law who stays at home or works from home, perhaps you can make arrangements to have your parents stay there. Elderly parents would very much prefer to stay with family. But this is a limited option for many. If your parents are going to be admitted to an elderly home, then there will be finances to discuss. You should do all this with siblings if you have any, or at least other relatives.

Arrange for In-Home Care

If you are not at home all the time to take care of your parents, you can always arrange for a nurse or a caretaker to look after an elderly and sickly parent. This would cost significant amounts of money of course. Also, you will have to arrange separate rooms for the parent and the attendant. If you and your siblings or other relatives can pool money together, this would be an ideal solution. Your parent will be at home, so you can still spend time together. You can always supervise your parent’s care as well to make sure your mother or father is being treated well at all times.

Consider a Retirement Community

A retirement community is slightly different from an elderly home. These communities are built like suburbs, where residents can drive around, get around and participate in activities. The retirees will also have medical facilities available to them 24/7. Unlike in an elderly home, there will options to go out. However, retirement communities are only suited for ageing individuals who can still independently function and are not suffering from illnesses like dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Consider the above options so your parent’s final years can be as happy and comfortable as possible.


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