The best places to find the best legal practitioners

Finding a person to do work within the country’s law for you can be a difficult process and one that could do with all the guidance it can get. Therefore, having a hand list at hand can do you the world of good – and save you time in the future when you have the right names, correct details and easily accessible other details at hand for your speed dial or email typing fingers. But, what exactly are the right places and areas and aspects of influence to look in? Some of the following should be able to help you out with some of the bigger questions that come about when even looking to answer such posers.

Personal referral

As a first rule of thumb, the good lawyers Melbourne, New York, Cape Town, London and some of the world’s other big and important cities can offer you are best found by word of mouth. It is always greater to have a reference from a personal friend, colleague, family member or someone else close to you. That saves you some of the homework of having to do deep or shallow background checks. If the lawyer comes via a personal recommendation, it is unlikely that whoever set you up with him or her will have made a mistake in trying to help you.

Local can be light

Don’t invest too much time in looking through local directories. If the individual lawyer or firm hasn’t invested too much time in really advertising themselves and really putting their company out there, then they probably won’t have put an ad in the local directory. They might think that marketing within print is just not the right way to go, an instead would have invested that kind of time, effort and money in Internet advertising.


Thank goodness for search engines like Google and others, which give you hundreds if not thousands of options at the click of a couple of keys and your mouse. If there ranking is high, then their service and price will also probably be promising. You can dig as deep or as light as you want to, but there must be enough depth to give you confidence that they are ultimately the right option and they are the ones worth investing in. From there, you can establish a working relationship and tell them how it is and what it is that you would like to achieve through their services.


Lawyers, the bulk of them, don’t come very cheap – but you need to respect their prices and qualifications and the fact that they know so much more about the law than you ever will. While you might the specialist in your field of advertising or nursing – or teaching or IT – you have to understand that their ideas are in line with the best practices governed by the laws of the country you live in. So, price must be thought about, but can’t be the be all and end all of your thinking in the end.

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