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The future is now! Home automation can make you house amazing

Technology has come a long way in the last ten years, the advent of smartphones has revolutionised the way we share information, do business and socialise. But there’s even more that you can do with your phone, you can control your whole house with it!

Home automation has the potential to provide energy and time-saving solutions as well as enriching your home life with the best entertainment options. There are a wide range of products and technologies that are available, from a stand-alone product to a comprehensive home automation system.

Remote heating and cooling

Don’t wait until you get home to turn on your air conditioning in summer or heating in winter. Home automation systems let you control the heating and cooling from anywhere using your phone. You can set the temperature you want when you leave work and come home to a perfectly comfortable house.

Don’t waste your money by leaving heating or air conditioning on all day while you’re out and don’t compromise your comfort by waiting until you get home to turn it on. Now you can have the best of both worlds.

Entertainment systems

Technology can improve your entertainment systems, from music to home theatre and content delivery.

You can have speakers in every room connected to your home network and control them all from your phone; Sonnos speakers are very popular for this purpose. Whether you want every room playing the same music for a party or different family members want to listen to different things, you’ll have the best listening experience.

Home theatres are better than ever these days, but HD screens and 7.1 surround sound are just the beginning. You can also control the lighting, curtains and temperature with home automation. Your control panel can do all this and play your favourite movie at the same time.

It’s also easier than ever to stream music and movies. Home theatre and music system integrate perfectly with your favourite streaming services like Netflix, Stan, Spotify and Apple Music.


It’s not all about fun and games, home automation technology can keep you and your family safe as well. Technologically advanced security systems can include alarm systems, CCTV cameras, intercom systems and electronic gates and door locks. You’ll never have to worry about losing your keys again!

You can even control all these from your phone! Watch your camera footage in real time, verify alarms and lock or unlock doors remotely. Your home is your castle, so use technology to protect it. Keep your family and your assets safe.

Why you need home automation

Home automation systems can save time in your day to day life, improve the energy efficiency of your home, enhance your home life and keep you safe.


Find out all the ways that home automation specialists can improve your home life.

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