Three Reasons to Invest in Training and Career Progression for Your Employees

Today, employees are expecting more and more from the people who hire them. With so many competitors just waiting to take away your best staff members, it’s never been more important to find out what your workforce needs and make sure that you’re offering it.

According to research, the main thing that employees want from their employers is the opportunity to develop their careers and personal achievements along with reaching their key life goals. So, there are many reasons why it pays to invest in training programs and workshops for your employees to complete or attend. Here are just a few.

Reason #1. Encourage Employee Satisfaction

Every good employer knows that keeping employees happy at work is key to producing great results and achieving a better profit. When employees are satisfied in their workplace roles, they are much more likely to be engaged with their tasks and loyal to your company, striving for success just as much as you are.

So, offer your employees the chance to better themselves through working for you. For example, you could help them to pay for an online college degree that will allow them to take on more responsibility within your company, or send interested employees to complete an ITIL practitioner course to be eligible for promotions and extra responsibilities. This will not only be good for your business since you’ll be better equipped to hire from within, it’ll also keep your employees happy by allowing them to reach personal and career goals.

Reason #2. Improve Customer Relations

Offering your employees the opportunity to learn more and improve their skills and knowledge won’t just benefit you and them; the advantages spill over to your customers. With your employees feeling happier and more content in their jobs, they will offer better customer services, be more engaging, and take better care to only represent your brand in a positive light.

In addition, better-trained employees will also be more equipped to deal with technical and advanced customer queries, allowing for better efficiency and an improved customer experience.

Reason #3. Save Money

Many business owners avoid investing in employee training, since it adds a large extra cost to business outgoings. However, avoiding this short-term cost could cause more expenses in the long run. For example, if you need to hire a more senior member of staff, it will cost you more to hire from the outside if you don’t have anybody suitable to promote.

Along with that, employees who can expand their career with you tend to be more productive, bringing in more profit for your company.

It’s sensible to want to keep costs as low as possible in your business. But, it’s important to be wise about which costs you deem worth paying the extra for. In the case of employee training and giving your staff members the option to progress in their career, the initial investment can certainly result in a high return.

What are your opinions on employee training and advancement in the workplace? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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