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Tips for Improving the Value of Your House

There are many factors that determine the value of a house. Surprisingly enough, some little changes to even an old home can increase its value. If you are thinking about selling your home in the future, here are several simple things you can do to dramatically increase its value.

Repaint All Old Areas

Repainting is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the value of a home. New buyers certainly don’t like homes with peeling paint. Repaint old areas with cool new colours to wonderfully improve how your home looks. Fresh paint will make your house look new as well, and you can demand a higher price than you would have with the old paint.

Create a Proper Garden

You’d be surprised by the value a well-maintained garden can add to a standard house. Gardening can be time-consuming and expensive. However, adding colourful new potted plants and pruning the bushes once in a while would not cost you much in terms of time or money. If you want a seriously good-looking garden, you can invest in Sydney landscape architects for a well-designed outdoor area. A garden can be a highly lucrative asset that will not only make your house look valuable, but would also make it more appealing to potential new buyers.

Make Inexpensive Additions

There are plenty of inexpensive changes you can make to your house that can add several thousand dollars to the overall house value. For example, having a fire pit or a barbeque area in the garden would increase the price and appeal of the house. There are small, convenient things you can add, such as cabinets in the laundry room or support rails in the bathrooms. Such cheap conveniences can translate well in terms of overall house value.

Add Solar Panels

Switching to solar power can be quite expensive. However, installing a solar panel or two to generate emergency power is not as expensive as wiring the entire home. There are plenty of solar panel products that regular consumers can purchase for less than hundred dollars. One of these budget-friendly solar kits can help power one or two appliances in the house, such as a water heater. An amenity like this would add incredible value to your home, even if it doesn’t have much else to show off.

Have the Ceilings Inspected

Not all homeowners pay careful attention to the ceilings. However, new buyers would. Therefore, have your ceilings inspected for potentially harmful material like asbestos, which is likely to be present in homes older than two decades. Additionally, improve the looks of the ceilings by adding a fresh coat of paint. You can also consider adding ceiling shelves, which new buyers would appreciate.

Install a Water Filtration System in the Kitchen

A small kitchen water filtration system would eliminate the need to buy bottled water for home. At the same time, it would incredibly increase the value of your home. Water filtration systems can vary in price, for there are small, affordable units available for family kitchens.

Add More Storage Facilities

One aspect that new homebuyers look for the most is storage. If your house looks cramped or is filled with clutter, it would not be very appealing. You can increase the aesthetics and value of your house by expanding storage in each room. For example, under-cabinet drawers in kitchen would be quite an addition. Add more cabinets or furniture with drawers to improve the value of your house.

The above changes are simple and will not cost too much. Consider the suggestions and see how much more valuable your house becomes to agents and new buyers.

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