Tips to ensure your car holds its resale value

Cars are one of the most valuable assets that people own, and in many ways, they are an extension of a person’s personality. You will seldom find a CEO driving a jalopy or a soccer mom driving a sports car. In short, people pick the cars that suit their lifestyles but also which match their personalities. There is a lot of thought that goes into picking the right car – will it be new or second-hand. The colour and the features are all a factor and of course, there is the small matter of fuel efficiency. But no matter how hard we try to look after our cars, the reality is that the more they are used the more their value declines and the more worn and used they look. There ways however to help your car age well – something that if achieved means it holds its resale value and will fetch a better price when you are ready to move it on. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your car as effectively as possible.

Keep the lights on

A car’s headlights deteriorate over time. The plastic that surrounds the light unit can age and slowly go a milky colour. It affects both the look of the car and the ability of the lights to work their magic as they should. But auto headlight restoration is possible, and your lights can be restored to their original glory with a quick visit to the right place or the application of the right product. It really is a simple process and it will help improve the first impression that you make if you take the car to the dealer. When he walks around the car to assess its condition one of the first things he will notice when he looks at it from the front on will be the condition of the lights.

Preserve the paint

Sunlight makes paint fade and sea air makes cars rust. So wherever possible try to leave the car parked undercover. A car that spends its days under the blazing sun is going to age badly – and the reality is that it is not just the paint that will take the strain, all the exposed surfaces from the dashboard to the seat covers will be punished.

Upholstery is important

Use seat covers to preserve the upholstery. A nice set of covers will ensure that there is minimal damage to the seats. When you are ready to sell you can remove the covers and the seats underneath should be as good as they were on the day you bought the car. And you can take the covers and use them again on your new car’s seats.

Do the obvious

A car needs to be serviced regularly and you must make sure that you do. There is a temptation, when all is going well, not to take it in for a check-up. But a proper service history that has been done regularly at an authorised auto dealer will stand you in good stead when you are ready to sell. Your car might be going well when it is time to sell, but if you cannot prove that you have taken care of it as you should then you will struggle to offload it for the price that you want.



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