Top Tips for a Quick Home Sale

Depending on how the market is faring at the time, selling your home could be either an easy or a rather difficult experience. However, the problem with this is that when property prices are low, you’re more likely to find a buyer, meaning that you’ll end up getting less money than you potentially could. But, when house prices are higher, finding a buyer gets trickier as people are less willing to part with more money. To help you get a quick and stress-free home sale, we’ve put together some top tips:

Improve Curb Appeal:

When selling a home, many people go to a lot of effort to ensure that it looks very appealing. However, working hard on the interior of your home can mean nothing if the outside does not also look inviting to any potential buyers. ‘Curb appeal’ is the term used to describe how your home looks from the curb – is it standing out to passers-by, and if so, is it for the right reasons? A thorough clean, repainting of window frames and the front door, and a garden makeover can work wonders for your home’s curb appeal and increase your prospective buyers.

Get the Right People:

When selling your home, you will need a team of people, such as a solicitor and a property conveyancer Melbourne to help your sale go through smoothly and ensure that you get the money that you are owed from the buyer. However, choosing the wrong professionals to help you sell your home could end up meaning wasted time and money. Be sure to do thorough research before hiring anybody to assist with the sale of your home.

Use an Estate Agent:

As a homeowner, a private sale can be a great way to sell your home without losing any extra money. However, unless you are good at or experienced in marketing, selling your home privately can be more difficult than you realise, as most potential buyers will head straight to an estate agent when looking for a new home. Paying for the services of an estate agent to advertise and promote your home to potential buyers is definitely worth it if you’re hoping for a quick and easy sale.

Price it Right:

Before you decide how much you are willing to accept for your home, it’s vital to ensure that the price is right. Without a professional valuation, it can be very difficult to gauge just how much a property is actually worth. So, you could end up asking far too much and end up losing out on potential buyers as a result, or, you could end up selling yourself short by asking for too little. So, be sure to have your home professionally valuated as pricing it correctly will improve your chances of a quick and stress-free sale.

Hold an Open House:

Open house events can be an awesome way of finding a buyer for your home. Before your event, be sure that you have switched to neutral décor and removed all personal effects from your property, as this will encourage interested visitors to imagine themselves living there. Open house events are often less formal than viewings and therefore could attract more people to drop in and take a look.

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