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Understanding the Types of AC Systems for Brisbane Climate, AU

Australian heat is much more bearable when you have a strong air conditioning unit to help you out. This can also be useful in winter as it reverses its action and warm the air inside.  What will you do though if you don’t know what’s the best type to choose from the ones offered by the market? The options can be confusing and you may not want to leave this choice up to the contractor. You can learn below about these AC unit types and their features:


Fixed AC Units

Fixed air conditioning units are small boxes mounted within a wall or window. If you want AC for one room only, this is the ideal setup. However, if you want AC for other rooms as well, then it will require additional units. There are large units of this kind too; these requiring to be connected to the actual electricity system.


Split System AC

This implies two pieces of equipment, one outside and the other inside the home, with pipes connecting these. The power ranges from 2 kW to 8 kW. Air conditioning Brisbane experts recommend the 8 kW types or similar as suitable to large areas. You may mount a split system not only on a wall, but also onto the floor. Split systems can be adapted to serve multiple rooms and allow you to control the air conditioning process, so you can enjoy savings.


Portable Units

Such units can be moved to whichever room needs air conditioning. It’s the ideal solution when you are renting. Of course, a portable unit will only serve one room. It’s ready to use and needs to installation work. It’s cheaper too, but it will not be as effective as the other options.


Ducted Systems

Ducted AC works with every home, new or old, but requires significant ceiling space. Its two components will be the compressor unit, located outside the house, plus the indoor unit. The system can heat or cool the air, depending on the season requirements. The air passes through the vents placed in key points all throughout the house. It doesn’t have to work for the entire house – ducted AC can be made to function for specific areas and at certain times only. Thus, you can have your living room heated during the day and the bedroom at night.


Factors to consider while choosing the right AC

As you can see, AC systems differ not only by make and power. You should choose one based on where you want it to be placed. In addition, your own home/room size will determine which type is appropriate. Also, you need to be aware of the installation work and what exactly it takes to have the equipment functioning. As presented above, there are fixed and portable units, or ones that require exterior/interior setup. These are all important details and you don’t want to purchase equipment only to find out later that it can’t be properly installed.

Maintenance is yet another important aspect when selecting AC systems for your property. Usually, it’s the same professionals who install units who can help you maintain yours. It’s not only about how the unit operates, but also about ducts, pipes, burners and coils that need to be clean, about leakage and insulation etc. Air filters need regular replacement, while the thermostat requires calibrating.

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