Upgrading Your Car While Saving Money

It’s nice to have a new car every now and then, and even if you’re not thinking about buying a brand new car directly from the manufacturer, you can still get an upgrade on the vehicle you’re currently driving. However, not everybody can afford to spend huge amounts of money on a car, and even if you have money to spend, you might not necessarily want to spend all of it on a car. Here are some of the ways that you can save some money while still upgrading to a better car.

Find out which cars are expensive to repair

It’s not just about the purchase price – there are various things that make a car more expensive. Some cars tend to cost a lot more to maintain than others, while others might cost quite a bit to purchase but then cost less to maintain over the years. You should consider many different factors such as the cost of windscreen repairs Osbourne Park. On some cars, even just the cost of a new mirror of headlamp could be very expensive, so think about whether you have the ongoing funds to sustain an expensive car.

Consider a second-hand car

Once a car leaves a forecourt, the value of it rapidly decreases. By the time a car has driven a few hundred miles or kilometres, the value of it is significantly less than it was when it was first manufactured. While this makes sense, it doesn’t make sense to purchase an entirely new car when you can get one second-hand without many miles on the clock. You don’t have to buy a car from a random stranger either – you can buy second-hand cars from registered car dealers and even directly from the manufacturers themselves.

Check the costs of insurance

One of the expenses, which come with a car, is the cost of car insurance. This means that a car, which is expensive to insure, will mean that you have high recurring costs for as long as you own the vehicle. Before deciding on the make and model of the car you want to upgrade to, you should check out some car insurance quotes. Some models are more expensive for men to insure, while others are worse for women. Some cars are more expensive to insure in a certain area since more accidents seem to happen in that area. Many factors of car insurance are about statistics, so what you think the costs are going to be could end up varying quite a bit.

Don’t be afraid to haggle

Car sales people can be very convincing, but they’re also desperate for a sale and in many cases have a lot of leeway as to how much they can give as a discount on the sale. If you have already been offered a price lower than the asking price, don’t be afraid to push it a little bit and try to get an even better bargain. The same rule applies if you are part-exchanging your car or trading it in – don’t allow the sales people to give you a small amount for your car, especially if you know it’s worth more or you feel like you would get more money from a private sale.



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