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At the core of almost all businesses around the world is the communication technology they adopt in their day to day operations. Video conferencing not only saves the effort of people travelling around for their meetings, but also offer a host of advantages to conduct group meetings with customers and colleagues, alike. Over the years, the video conferencing room has been well on demand to host many meetings with people geographically separated miles away. However, the advancement of technology and the emergence of cloud in businesses have brought the video conferencing facilities right in the desktops of employees.

Video conferencing rooms

Many businesses are still using conference rooms. There are a plethora of reasons why they should move away from it. The foremost reason why video conference rooms are falling behind the race is that they are quite expensive. In addition, they are difficult to use and demand dedicated support from IT personnel. A large part of the meeting is spent in setting up the system and fixing glitches. What is more difficult is that the team sitting on the other side of the conference need to have systems compatible with that of yours, without which much of the audio or the video does not work. In addition to all these challenges that need to be overcome, there is this huge demand for the limited number of video conferencing rooms available in the premise. Most video conferencing rooms have only one camera and it is practically impossible to capture what every person thinks during the meeting.

The Cloud based

Cloud based video conferencing platforms come with a lot of advantages that you can talk about. The low capital investment required to set up video conferencing facilities. The telepresence and video conferencing infrastructure that are to be set up at the user location require a huge investment and manpower effort to maintain. In addition, a secure and high-speed network should ably support the infrastructure, the cost of which has to be borne by the company. With a cloud service, the scheduling, monitoring and managing the video conference call is none of the responsibility of the business. The service provider also has the necessary expertise in maintaining the infrastructure and the company pays only for what they use. Interoperability is another aspect where cloud services stand apart. The use of a common protocol of communication, via transcoding, allows seamless connection of many systems. To top it all, the security and reliability of the connection is much superior and the company doesn’t pay a penny extra for all these.




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