Warning Signs You are About to Pick the Wrong Real Estate Agent

It can be an absolute nightmare to find out that your real estate agent is woefully unsuited for the job months after hiring. If you are currently in the process of hiring a real estate agent, here are several red flags to watch out for:

Your Agent Doesn’t Listen to You

Whenever you try to make a suggestion, the agent talks over you. The agent dismisses your concerns without a second thought. Real estate agents are salespeople, so they are typically prone to talking more than the clients. However, the agent should be able to communicate with you honestly, openly and comfortably. Otherwise, the relationship is not going to work. To make sure you can comfortably communicate with the agent, talk to the person more than once before hiring. If possible, attend an open house or another event the agent is hosting to see how he or she interacts with other clients. This should give you a good idea as to how the agent operates.


The Agent Knows Less about the Neighbourhood than You Do

This is a major red flag. A good real estate agent is the one who knows the area where you are buying like the back of your hand. Sometimes it’s difficult to know if the agent knows the place as much as he or she lets on. To know for sure, hire an agent known to work in the area of your choice. You can browse through online listings on sites like My Agents Profile to learn for sure. You can also check out the agent’s resume or LinkedIn profile to check out previous sales. Research is key to choosing the right agent.

The Agent Works Only Part-Time

There are loads of part-time real estate agents and you should be weary of all. You want to hire an agent who is very active in the market on a full-time basis. Only these people will know about properties for sale, interested buyers and other crucial aspects of the market. Part timers are largely in it to make a quick buck. They will not be immersed in the local real estate world enough to know how things work. So, avoid part timers and hire an experienced, reputable full-time real estate agent.

The Type of Property You Want is New to the Agent

Real estate agents nowadays specialise on sub fields like family homes or condos. Choose an agent who specialises in the type of property you want to buy. For example, if you are looking for a beach house, don’t hire an agent who usually sells apartments. Same goes for finding buyers as well. Some agents claim to be experts in everything, and you must beware them. When you interview the agent, ask pointed questions to make sure that the agent knows what he or she is talking about. Looking up what the agent has sold in the past will give you a good idea of which types of properties this agent is good at handling.

The Agent is Not Detail Oriented

If you are selling a house, the agent you hire should be able to check on things like whether a buyer is preapproved for a mortgage. When buying a house, the agent should have ace negotiating skills to get you the best price. These qualities should be tested in advance to make sure you don’t end up with a bad agent.

Don’t hire a real estate agent if any of the above red flags are easily noticeable.

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