What Are the Differences Between Varieties of Car Servicing?

If you’ve had to get anything other than a basic service, you might have been surprised with how long they take and how expensive they can be. Much of this surprise is related to not understanding what these servicing options actually entail, whether it be a basic service, a full service or a major care service. Although much of the time you might just go along with what your mechanic recommends, particularly if you’ve found a notably trustworthy one, but it can still be helpful understanding what’s going on with your car when it gets services, if only for some insight into your vehicle. So, to help you get a better understanding of it all, in this article we take a look at common car servicing options and what they entail.

Understanding basic service options

If you’re looking to get a car service in Sydney, you might already be overwhelmed with the labels that some workshops and dealerships apply to their servicing – even though they’re often the same thing much of the time. Because cars are for the most part the same, you shouldn’t expect that your car is going to need a service that is any different from standard. The most basic option for servicing is something that all car owners are encouraged regularly to ensure that their car runs well consistently. Typically performed once every six months to a year, this basic servicing includes an oil change, an oil filter change and an inspection of the more important components of the car. There are a few things that can get looked at depending on the workshop, including your car’s brake pads, brake discs and brake callipers, check your tyres and their treads for wear, the lights of your car, and anything else the garage thinks is worth checking at the time – different cars may very well have unique or different accessories that need attention, after all.

Other services you might get for your car

If your car hasn’t been serviced in a while or you might be overdue for your annual service, you might instead get a full car service. This service will typically include everything in a basic service, but will also include a few extras that are related to usual wear and tear that cars experience. In a full service the checking of the car becomes much more thorough and in-depth, which is why there is usually some more work involved. This work might include filter replacements (such as the air filter), much more thorough brake checks and an examination of the engine. This service might also be appropriate for people who ate finding their vehicle is not performing as it should, as these thorough tests might be able to find the root cause. Finally, there is the major service. A major service will usually take place once every 24 months and will include everything the other services provide with the addition of the changing of spark plugs, brake fluid, suspension and fuel filters.

Is your car overdue for a service?

If its been a while since your last service or your car isn’t running as well as it once was, it might be time that you got a service. As for which one you might need, it’s worth your while to find a well-respected mechanic and have them walk you through your options.

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