Why Should You Hire the Services of a Conveyancer?

If you are planning to make a property investment or purchase a new home, you should know that hiring the services of professional lawyers or solicitors should not be a problem. There are a number of various law firms out there which offer affordable conveyancing services to those looking to engage in a real estate transaction, and whether you are purchasing a new property or selling your existing residential home, there are a number of legal liabilities involved with transferring of ownership. This is why we’ve put together a list of the reasons why you should hire the services of a conveyancer and what they can do for you.

A Smoother Process

A real estate transaction where a transfer of ownership is required can often be a process that is quite daunting, overwhelming and even confusing for somebody who is not familiar with the legal process. Unless you have experience with property law and are fully aware of how the transfer of ownership process works, the best thing to do is hire a solicitor or conveyancing lawyer in order to ensure that the process runs smoothly with no issues. Although hiring services for property conveyancing Melbourne may seem a little extravagant to some people, it is actually considered a good and viable alternative when it comes to handling the paperwork and legal processes.

Don’t Get Ripped Off

If you are engaging in a transfer of ownership process for the first time, not only can it be quite daunting, but you will also be required to invest a lot of time and money. For those who are not experienced with the process, it is often easy to be cheated or ripped off, meaning that you will only end up having to pay out more money to hire a conveyancer in order to ensure that the same thing does not happen again. As above, if you do not have any experience with or sufficient knowledge of property law and the transfer of ownership process, hiring a conveyancer is safer.

What Services Do They Offer?

If after reading the above you are beginning to have second thoughts about carrying out the transfer of ownership yourself and are considering hiring the services of a property conveyancer, it’s important that you fully understand what they do and the services that they can offer to you. Whether you are purchasing a new property or selling a property, Bondi conveyancing is an important transaction which must be carried out before the ownership of the property can be fully transferred from the seller to the buyer. Once both parties have agreed to the sale of the property, a mutual agreement has been established, which the solicitor or conveyancer will use to obtain the deeds.

Consequently, you will be required to then provide certain pieces of supporting information that are considered relevant to the property’s transfer of ownership. Once the most important information has been gathered, the conveyancer will then begin to prepare the contract of sale. It is also the responsibility of the conveyancer to ensure that an appropriate amount is requested for the mortgage settlement. A conveyancer will also take care of any other secured loans which need to be covered before ownership can be fully transferred.



Once the contracts have been exchanged it is time to settle the purchase price. If you are buying a new property, at this point the conveyancer of the seller will receive the down payment or deposit for the sale on behalf of their client. The conveyancer will then prepare the final settlement, wherein it will be required that any remaining balance outstanding should be paid in full. Once the full purchase price has been settled, the conveyancer will then approve the deed transfer and arrange for the buyer to sign it.


There is no one set fee for all conveyancing services, which is why if you are looking for a conveyancing lawyer it is a good idea to get a number of different quotes beforehand. Some conveyancers will work on a no buy no fee basis, meaning that if the house sale falls through you will not be charged. However, there are almost always extra and hidden costs that you should look out for, so it’s important that you request these are included in any quotes.

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