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Why You Should Be Using PVC Pipes

If you’re not entirely familiar with the versatile uses for PVC pipes, there’s a good chance you’re still able to recognise them installed, whether around your own home or in public spaces. There’s a good reason that PVC pipes are so frequently used, regardless of where you might be located – they’re consistently affordable, safe, durable, sustainable and recyclable. And what more could you want out of a construction product? There’s a lot more to PVC pipes, though – in this article, we take a look at what makes these innocuous tubes the construction champions they are. This way, you’ll be able to be completely sure you’re making the right choice when it comes time to purchase them.

Understanding the fuss around PVC

Whether you’re after a clear PVC pipe in Melbourne or a coloured pipe in Sydney, you’re probably wondering the same things about the product. To get started, you should be know that PVC piping is completely safe – this is often of concern to some people when they consider that their drinking water is funnelled through PVC, but do know that because PVC pipes are inert and resistance to corrosion, there is therefore no way for bacteria to develop and grow within. They are, therefore, the best choice for health, which makes the fact that they’re highly durable and cost-efficient a bonus. It’s not often that PVC pipes are replaced, simply because they don’t need to be – as the lifespan of PVC is over 100 years due to their impressively low failure rate, the initial cost of investment makes PVC pipes a complete bargain. The cost-efficiency of PVC pipes extends to the overall purchase price, cost of installation, operation and maintenance, which is usually why you see them everywhere you go!

PVC is environmentally-sound

Unlike many other building materials on the market today, PVC is a material that offers far more environmental advantages. For starters, PVC is a low carbon plastic, which means that these pipes require much less energy and fewer resources to manufacture than similar building materials. It is also often the case that PVC pipes are made with recycled materials, so old materials aren’t simply building up in landfills. Environmental advantages also extend to their transportation – as PVC is a much lighter material than metal equivalents, the fuel required for their transportation is significantly less, which means less emissions make their way into the atmosphere. As they are made with materials that have been recycled, PVC too can be recycled. In fact, they’re quite easily recyclable – they are able to recycled several times before they lose their technical properties, which means the same PVC pipes can remain in circulation in different forms over long periods of time!

Invest in PVC pipes today

If you haven’t been able to tell from all of the great points above, PVC pipes are an excellent investment in a lot of ways, such as home improvement, plumbing projects and etc. Whether you use them in piping applications for your plumbing, for transportation of drinking water or for advanced fire-sprinkler systems, PVC pipes are a good way to save big and protect the environment. If you’re after a healthy combination of safety, durability, cost-effectiveness, environmental safety and the option to recycle, PVC pipes may very well be the right option for you.

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