What exactly does a creative agency do?

These days there seems to be an agency for everything. Twenty years ago, and there were travel agencies and advertising agencies and that was about it. But now the norm seems to be that the word ‘agency’ can be tacked onto almost anything and it is simply meant to make sense. A digital agency is one that is heard often – a catch-all for companies working and operating in the digital space. But there is also the term creative agency that is heard with increasing frequency. But what is that exactly? What do they do? Where do you find them? And who works there? All very good questions. Here are some answers.

What do they do there?

This is a business that blends offerings from a range of spaces together. In short, they marry communications, branding, design and digital marketing into one composite package. It blends creative ideas with operational excellence and KPI driven results. Where in the past you might have employed an advertising agency and a PR company and a digital agency to meet a range of needs, now you can find them all met in one place. If you are not yet talking to an agency like this then maybe jump online and type a phrase like ‘creative agency Sydney‘ into Google and see what comes up. A top agency should certainly manage to secure themselves a top spot on the Google search ranking page.

Where do you find such an agency?

As alluded to above, the best place to find such an agency is online. They operate in the online space and that is the best place to look to find them. And while one of the benefits of the modern age is that you can partner with anyone, almost anywhere in the world, it would probably be prudent to find a locally based outfit to join you on your walk. While campaigns can be implemented from anywhere, and there are no territorial boundaries on creativity, the truth is that it is much easier to strategize face-to-face.

Who works there?

There are no specifics that define the typical creative agency employee. They certainly are not little grey men in suits like you would expect to find in a bank. Typically, they are young – generally millennials. They are digital natives and very comfortable in the online space. They are out of the box thinkers. But, having said that, as with any place of employment there will be a broad array of skill-sets. Communication and the ability to listen will be key traits of successful staff. They will also be goal-driven.

What will they do for you?

The days of paying extraordinary retainers to a range of agencies are coming to an end. Companies simply cannot afford the huge amounts of cash required to have fulltime public relations and advertising agencies on the books. A creative agency helps to mitigate against the loss of these arrangements and consolidate all those services into one environment that is tailored for the now – results-driven, online and engaging the most relevant target audiences.

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