Key Qualities for Looking After Somebody with a Disability

Perhaps you have started to care for somebody with a disability, or maybe you’re looking to hire somebody who can help someone you know with a disability. Whatever the reason for wanting to know what is important in this type of person, there are several qualities which are vital if you are going to be helpful and appreciated in the person’s life. Here are some of the key qualities that are needed for looking after a person who has a disability.


If you don’t have a patient nature, you will struggle to work with somebody who has a disability. Depending on the type of disability, you may have to spend lots of time encouraging them to do very simple things, and it could take a huge amount of time just to get them to cooperate with you. People with a patience character are much more successful in being an aid to the life of somebody who suffers with a disability. You can take disability courses Sydney if you want to learn more about the type of things you may have to deal with, and the differences and challenges that come with different types of disabilities.


Going out of your way to encourage somebody with a disability can really help, both in the short term and the long term. Many people who suffer with different conditions are aware of the fact that they can’t do many of the things that other people can, and so they become discouraged and aren’t very keen to try out new things, especially if they feel they won’t succeed. By encouraging them to try out simple things, such as going to a new club or day centre, meeting new people, baking a cake, taking part in arts and crafts or even just speaking about their problems, fears and worries, you can make them a more confident and happy person.


Not only will you need to talk and make conversation with the person or people you are caring for, but there may be times when you have to spend time with other people too. This could be their friends, family or even other carers and nurses who come along as part of their regular care. If you don’t have a friendly personality, you won’t really be able to positively affect lives in the way you really want to.


When looking after a person who has a disability, it’s not good enough to just sit back and wait for things to happen. If you want to make a change to their lifestyle and help them to achieve things within their own individual capacity, you should be able to come up with new things and ideas of things that they can try out. Whether this is suggesting going for a walk or a drive out on a nice sunny day, joining a local club to try out flower arrangements, baking or crafts, or even taking them for a coffee or drink with a friend, you should be proactive in the way you deal with things.

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