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Tips For Designing The Perfect Patio

Whether you’re building your patio yourself as a DIY project or having contractors come in to get the job done, you should certainly have a say in the design process behind the construction. Your patio should be a special place in your home – perfect for BBQs with friends, lounging with a coffee in the morning, and reading a good book on a warm summer’s evening. To create the ideal ambience for your dream patio, follow these design tips.

    1. Get the base right. The tiling you use to build your patio will have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the space. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get beautiful, sophisticated tiling, either. You can order high quality stone from slatestone from anywhere in the country and incorporate it into your patio design for a sleek and stylish look. This natural form of tiling looks more at home in a garden than harsher materials, and blends well into the surroundings.


    1. Create shelter from the weather. While a completely open patio can be a pleasure on a warm day with a cool breeze blowing through the garden, it can also cause problems when you want a little more shelter from the hot sun or drizzling rain. Consider using a structure overhead to provide basic shelter, or install pagodas or large umbrellas to sit underneath when the weather calls for it.


    1. Look at your lighting. Beautiful lighting is a must-have for any patio. It’ll create a relaxing ambience when the sun goes down, and allow you to enjoy your outdoor space regardless of the time of day. An overhanging pendant light always looks stylish, but if you have roofing then you can also consider a starlight-style design, or brighter lights for hosting parties outside. Add additional lighting fixtures around your garden along any walkways to really augment the atmosphere.


    1. Consider the landscape of your garden. If you have a wild, lush garden, then overwhelming the patio with colourful patterns might create an affect that’s a little too busy on the eye. Consider contrasting the décor on your patio with the look of your garden as a whole. Use minimalist design and simple colours if your garden is already filled with colour, or opt for splashes of bold colour and eclectic patterns if your garden is relatively simple. Or just throw whatever patterns and colours you like in there – this is, after all, a matter of personal taste over anything else.


  1. Add in a fireplace. If it fits into your budget, a fireplace can be a beautiful addition to your patio space. A fireplace would probably need to be built and installed by a professional rather than a DIY hobbyist, but it can be well worth the investment if you enjoy spending winter evenings tucked up on the patio with a hot chocolate.
  2. Ensure that your décor is weatherproof. Your patio furniture will need to undergo far more water and wind than your indoor furniture, so take this into consideration when choosing materials and décor. Opt for colours that won’t fade when left out in the sun, and materials that are resistant to water damage. Sturdy furniture is always best when decorating your furniture, particularly if you live in a windy area.

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